Nesquik Bunny Spoon

Nesquik bunny turned stainless steel  for your stirring delight.

“I’ve had this spoon over 20 years and only use it for this.”
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4 responses to “Nesquik Bunny Spoon

  1. You’re a typical 90s kid! Keeping all the quirky and memorable trinkets from back then! I don’t suppose you remember Count Duckula or Duck tales?

  2. Nope. Don’t know Duck Tales or Count Duckula. Feel free to enlighten the intrigued…

  3. Oh.. So you’re not 27-28 at least.. These were duck based cartoons, that were funny and had a duck vampire-who was VEGETARIAN and ate KETCHUP! LOL!

    Duck tales had an Uncle Scrooge, and his nephews Huey,Louie and Dewey, and their adventures! I thought it was great at the time! Have a quick look on YouTube!

  4. Huey, Louis, and Dewey go back to 1937, but became famous via Walt Disney. That’s how I know them, as Huey, Louie, and Dewey, Donald Duck’s nephews. Yes, they were fun to watch.