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Winding Parking Fail

This is what happens when the brake is not applied in time.

Major parking fail

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Church Statue Spare Parts


Extras available when needed.  Conveniently stored in a box known only to those who work in the church, or those who go snooping around.

“I found the box in the church where they keep the spare Jesus parts.”
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Plastering Efficiency

Getting the job done as efficiently as possible.

Plastering in South Africa

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Shark Foot Warmers

Keep those feet warm with a loveable pair of jaws-hugging shark socks.

“Shark socks.”
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Vicious Mammal And Reptile Desk Assistants

Nature’s answer to messy staple removal.

“Animal Staple Removers.”
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“snake bite staple remove.”
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Dryer Guilty Of Sock Snatching

Lonely pairs can finally reunite.

“I found the land of missing socks!”
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Coal Miner 1938

Some jobs are dirtier than others.  Give thanks to those who do them or have done them in the past, so you don’t have to do them now.

“portrait of a coal miner in Omar, West Virginia, 1938.”
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