Monthly Archives: February 2016

Leap Year 2016

Goat takes a leap to get on with the year.

“Leap. Slide. Win.”
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Cat Coaches Trigger Finger

Kitty encourages faster and more precise action.

“I Helpz U Wit Dat .”
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Jet Plane Aerodynamics Illustrated


“Plane flying through green fog is awesome.”
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Do Not Do This While Driving

Open a beer with your seatbelt while driving?

Get a ticket, fine, license suspension or revocation, or possibly worse, where open alcohol container laws are in effect.

Good judgment says  keep the junk in the trunk while driving.

“Life Hack.  Open a beer with your seatbelt while driving…”
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Giant Balloon

Could it have helium inside?

“QUICK! Someone bring a needle!”
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Hammock Under The Table


“Parenting hack: Create a kid-sized hammock with some fabric and a table.”
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Sewing Needle Stuck In Heel Bone


“Think it hurts when you step on a Lego? I will raise you a broken sewing needle embedded in the bone.”
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