Monthly Archives: March 2016

Catnip Party

A relaxing afternoon at the catnip garden.

“When you grow catnip.  This is what happens when you grow catnip in your backyard.”
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Smoker’s Mouth Ashtray

A gentle reminder of to take care of your oral health.

“Amazing Ash Tray.”
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Lean Chicken Strips For Free

Take one, please.

“Free Chicken.”
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Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter to all.

Elmer Neri, aka epneri1969, has a nice video to share and enjoy.

Happy Easter – The Lord Jesus Is Risen From The Dead

April 24, 2011

Leave the Gas Pump Behind

Young adult moments.

“Woops I Forgot.”
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Good Friday 2016

Peace.  Prayer.

“Good Friday History and Holidays.”
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Wine Truck Hits The Road

Delivery to the thirstiest.

“The Wine Truck.  Wow… and I thought wine in a box was a good value!”
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