Monthly Archives: April 2016

Hammock Time

Keeping comfy outdoors never felt so good.

“THE HAMMOCK. Invented because someone was too lazy to drag their bed to the back yard.”
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727 Engine Fan Finds New Life

Repurposed jet engine fan relaxing under the coffee table.

“Fan from a 727 engine turned into a coffee table.”
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Baby Cookie Robbery

The rabbit cookie monster strikes again.

“Rabbit steals cookie from baby.”
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Seagull Walks The Escalator

Just getting a little exercise.

“Seagull on an escalator.”
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Goat Relaxes On Mountain Peak

Checking out what’s down below and all around.

“A goat enjoying the view.”
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Zippo Lights The Company Premises

A company that lights its up business, stays in busniess.

“The streetlights at the Zippo factory.”
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Sheep Gives Kitten Cozy Spot

Sharing is caring.

“Kitten finds a warm place to curl up.”
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