Monthly Archives: June 2016

Car And Cement Do Not Mix

Stuck in place.

“Someone decided to drive into fresh concrete this morning.”
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Hoover Dam 1936

Behemoth water wall.

“The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936.”
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Toilet Paper Prank

Decorative landscaping any neighbor would envy.

“The Mega Prank.”
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Gas Pinching

Timing is everything with flatulence.

“But squeeze gently…  Fart when people hug you.  It makes them feel strong.”
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Pineapple Sewer Cover

No Mai Tai ingredients here.

“This sewer plug looks like a pineapple.”
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Sun Tan Exposure

Tan lines and skin cancer exposure.

“Tan lines from summer activities”
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Cowboy Sandals

Fashionable summer wear for that special cowgirl.

“I can finally cowboy at the beach.”
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