Monthly Archives: June 2016

Big Blister

Hand burn turns into huge blister.

“I was on fire once – blister 24hours after the illuminating event.”
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The Ups And Downs Of Life

Sometimes life is smooth sailing, and sometimes life is a roller coaster.

“Life – If There’s No Ups And Downs, You’re Dead!”
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Dog Plays Dead

Love bite to the jugular and down he goes.

“Dog fakes own death while playing.”
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Personal Brake Pads

Underclothing protection for where you need it the most.

“”Brake Pads”.  Skid-B-Gon Brake Pads.  Prevent skid marks!  Make embarassing skid marks disappear!”
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Plastic Surgery Of Yesteryear

The price of beauty.  Just a little touch up here and there.

“You Can Hardly Tell!  She’s Had A lot of Work.”
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Daffy Duck On Flatulence

Flattering farts.

“I think my intestine needs a tic tac.  It wasn’t a fart…  My lower intestine blew you a kiss.”
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SpongeBob Freckles

Freckle pride.

“I have freckles….”
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