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Cost Of Male Toys

Cost of toys seemingly increases faster than the rate at which boys age into men.

“Difference Between Boys And Men.  The only difference between boys and men is the cost of their toys.”
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Cat Squanders Balloons

Feline birthday balloons attraction.

“This is Why We Can’t Have Birthday Parties.”
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Engineering Flowchart Makes Fixing Anything Easy

First determine if movement is needed or not.  The rest is simple.

” Classic: How to Fix Anything.”
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The Beautiful Romanesco Broccoli

Stunning creation from nature.

Romanesco Broccoli: A Fibonacci Fractal at Garden Betty describes this natural beauty.

This chartreuse bud is an edible flower that is also known as a Romanesco cauliflower, but it’s technically neither — truly in a class of its own. It’s a fine work of art and a mathematical marvel. Did you know that a Romanesco is a beautiful example of a Fibonacci fractal in the natural world?

You’re looking at a natural fractal — quite simply, a detailed pattern that repeats itself ad infinitum.

“This Romanesco broccoli we sold at the grocery store I work at.”
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Umbilical Cord IPhone Charger

A wiggling charger than brings your phone to life.

scary iphone charger

October 02, 2010

Follow The Leader Off The Freeway

Relax.  This is game created.  But it should make you think about heeding traffic barriers, warnings, and other traffic-related occurrences.

 “Be late, or kill yourself – the eternal question.”
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Cat Finds Solace In Dog Buddy Statue

Steadfast friends never let go.

“The owners of a deceased dog got a statue made of him. This is their grieving cat’s reaction when seeing it for the first time.”
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