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Repair Laser Mouse

An excellent tutorial on how to repair a Dell laser mouse with lots of close-up, detailed shots.  The focus is on the wiring.  Special attention to properly cleaning out all the lint,  dirt, and dust buildup around the mouse wheel also.  Special care to replacing the two tiny springs that have special places in the scroll wheel assembly on one side, and the scroll wheel roll bar on the other side.  Don’t lose them when opening the mouse or when cleaning out debris.  Make sure the scroll wheel slots are clean, otherwise the LED cannot shine through to the LED receiver on the opposite side.  Replace all parts back properly.  Hopefully the mouse will have a new life, and save you from purchasing another one.

Kudos to Bill Tate and the Caldwell Heritage Museum in Lenoir, North Carolina for providing a well thought out and visually understandable video.

Dell Laser Mouse Repair

May 27, 2016