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Halloween Decorations Up For Grabs

Forget about fetching a shoe, bring over a leg instead.

“My dog got into the Halloween decorations and found a new toy..”
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Halloween Lawnmower Accident Display

Oops.  Rigor mortis has already set in by the look of that hand up in the air.

“The only decoration in my neighbor’s yard.”
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Cheap Rates On Heavy Equipment Grave Digger

Put that backhoe tractor to work for cheap on Halloween.

“Halloween Special. Halloween Special.  Bodies buried $5.00.  Really deep $10.00.”
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Halloween Costumes In 1925

Imagine opening your door in Halloween to costumed trick-or-treaters wearing these costumes.

“Halloween in 1925, Costumes were a lot scarier back in the day.”
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Heimlich Maneuver Workout On Halloween

Looks like the Heimlich maneuver worked successfully.

“Just in time for Halloween.”
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Tortoise Angel Costume

Tortoise gets dressed up for Halloween

“My tortoise and her new Halloween costume.”
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Halloween Pet Costumes

Pet costumes for the enthusiast.

“Pet Costumes.  Crazy pet costumes that put yours to shame”
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