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Elizabethan Collar For Human

Protecting humans from disrupting a surgical result.

“Restraint is Everything.  The doctor says it can come off in a few days, if I stop chewing at the stitches.”
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Cat Camouflage


“Camouflaged cat.”
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Hummingbird At Balmy Winter Feeder

Hard to pass up warm food under a heat lamp in snowy weather.

“My aunt put a heat lamp on the hummingbird feeder to keep the hummers well fed this winter.”
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Cactus Blossoms Time Lapse


“Timelapse of a blossoming Cactus.”
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Puppy In The Hen House

Cajoling the chicken into the coop.

“Puppy vs chicken.”
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Donkey Transport

Donkey at Wikipedia

The donkey or ass (Equus africanus asinus)[1][2] is a domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, E. africanus. The donkey has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years.

Someone else gets to shoulder the burden. now

“Lazy Ass!!”
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Egg Cooking Tips


14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks!

March 15, 2015