Monthly Archives: February 2017

Giant Top

Puts a new spin on the classic top.

“XL Spinning Top.”
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Big Gun Will Travel

Now that’s open carry!

“Goin skeet shootin.  Open carry in Texas.”
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What To Do


“I Can’t Help Myself.  What I told myself I should not do.  What I’m doing.”
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Wikileaks Track Record


“Truth, however inconvenient, unwanted or denied, is irrefutable. It is no wonder those exposed by it wish it silenced.  In their entire history Wikileaks has not had to retarct one single sory as fake news.  They have won every court case that challenged their info.  Every single one.  No other popular media network can truthfully make the same claim.”
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Saturn Hops A Ride

Planetary challenge.

“This should be the only bumper sticker you’re allowed to have if you drive a Saturn.  Saturn.  My other ride is Uranus.”
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Glistening Mercury

Shiny.  Bright. Poison.

“mercury reflecting the sunlight.”
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Middle Finger Salute

Hyperextensile joint.

“So I just found out that my girlfriend can do this with her fingers.”
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