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Petri Dish Delight

This is why people should wash their hands.

“This is what an 8 year olds hand culture looks like.”|
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Pony And Dog Affection

Pony and dog become buddies.

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Girl Smacks Down Men

This girl packs a wallop!

“Girl beats men in restaurant.”
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Chicken Ushanka

Ushanka hat made from a chicken happy to share its feathers while perched atop a Russian woman.

“A Dump from the Motherland.”
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Lions Paw To Paw

Toasty touch.

“When it’s too hot to cuddle…but you still wanna touch…”
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Police Dog Take Down

Dog latches on and goes down for the count!

“Beautiful Technique.”
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Little Dog Leads A Big Horse

Leadership knows no size.

“Leading a horse to water.”
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