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Piglet Affection For Dog

Piglet plays with dog.

“She messed with the wrong piglet.”
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Baby Elephant Runs To Mother

When the going gets tough, the tough run to mom.

“Baby elephant chases guinea fowl, falls down & goes Boom, runs to mother for solace.”
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Love and A Chevrolet That Have Lasted

Enduring care, love, and attention, makes for long-lasting relationships.

“true. If you take care of things, they last.”
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Tree Struck By Lightning

Always seek shelter from lightning.

“Lightning striking once.”
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Lucy And Ethyl At The Chocolate Factory

Keeping up with what is constantly changing upstream can be unpredictable.

“r/movies and r/television trying to keep up with all the new trailers today.”
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Corn Silo Home

Repurpose on a big scale.

See the rest of the stunning images of this unique home here.

“Wicked use of an old corn silo.”
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Sun Weathers Face Over The Years

Chronic sun exposure damage.

“Sun damage after 28 years of driving a delivery truck.”
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