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Happy Halloween 2017

Costumes of yesteryear.  More if you scroll through the images at Imgur post.

“Halloween circa 1900-1930 (aka, when it was actually terrifyin…”
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Cat Breaks From A Race For A Meal

Jockey awaits the return to the Halloween race.

“I lose it every time i see my cat now (Halloween).”
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Big Rig Truck Tips Into Next Lane

Adjacent car almost gets smashed by 18-wheeler truck.

“Did you pack spare underwear ?”
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Surprise Awaits Upon Return Home To A Bored Dog

Caution the pet who takes boredom seriously.

“You Know I Get Bored.  What? You know i get bored when you’re gone.  You know i get bored Never let this dog get bored again.”
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Cat Secret Hiding Place Discovered

Secret stash exposed.

“My mom couldn’t figure out where all the cat toys had gone. She moved the couch to vacuum today…”
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Cat Plays With Coyote

Rough and tough Indoor pleasures.

“Coyote in the house? “Hold my milk” – Cat probably.”
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Bear Checks Out Piano In A Home

No one is home.  Time to play bang on the piano.

Bear Breaks Into Colorado Home, “Plays” Piano.

June 5, 2017