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Gruesome Ankle Dislocation


“Snap, crackle, Pop! Pretty sure that not how my foot is meant to be!
So i am long time lurker on here i have always loved coming to imgur to cheer me up. So i never really posted because i didn’t think i ever had anything worth posting till yesterday. As you can see by the photo my foot is completely mangled. So i was playing futsal and some guy completely chopped me with such force it dislocated my ankle, snapped tendons and broke bones. I am bed ridden for atleast for a few weeks till the swelling goes down and i can have surgery. I’d like to add that paramedics are heroes and lifesavers so and I have to say for people that take crap and people treat them like shit they deserved the utmost respect. Not only did they take care of me they stayed with me till I was in a hospital bed they also made sure that the centre I was playing in didn’t make me sign any papers while under medication! Dont know what else to say except think i will be spending alot of time on here and will post update on recovery. Edit: WOW can’t believe I made the Front page! I didnt think something so messed up could provide me a tick from my bucket list! I love all my Imgurian! due to so much pain ATM I can only sleep a few hours at a time I can’t believe how much this post took off! Edit 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/yYben this is only other photo in my phone I’m pretty sure I was high as a kite and ask if I could get a photo with my paramedic! He is a bloody legend! Update: I have left hospital because they were going to operate in public system quick enough so got a private consultation by one best doctors in Sydney so I am due for surgery on 13th of October – yes fucken Friday the 13th how unlucky! So I am at home not able to do much! So looking like I’ll be an MLG by the end of all this – anyone that plays PS4 welcome to add me username is psn name!”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/5A2YU.