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Paralyzed Cat Greets Human At Home

The love of an animal for its human.

“Paralyzed cat hears owner coming home. ”
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Vortex In The Water Fountain


“Transparent Faucet With Water Vortex.”
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Boots Rest In Peace


Road paving prank.

“How to scare your boss…  Found an extra pair of boots at the worksite so I decided to give my boss a heart attack.”
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Quote Of The Day January 28, 2018


Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

“Words Of Wisdom to take. ”
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Cat Helps At The Pottery Wheel

Helping paws.

Go here to see the video “can i help with this machine.”


Noodles Made In A Flash


“Noodle master.”
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Dog And Cat Morning Greetings


“Best friends say good morning to each other. ”
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