Monthly Archives: February 2018

Cat Wants To Pet Bird

Gentle does it.

“*deep breath* D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWW ”
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White Blood Cell Pac Man Gives Bacteria Chase

Leukocyte hard at work goes after bacteria and that becomes a snack.

“A white blood cell chasing bacteria!”
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Overhead Cat Plays With Unsuspecting Kitten

Messing with the young.

“When your pet cat has a pet cat.”
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Fish Get Past The Net

Attack of the fish.

“Wait for it…”
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Sheep Meet Puppy

Black sheep gently meet with a little dog.

“Love Your Pets. Because They Have Nothing But Love For Yo.”
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Putting A Shoulder Back Into Proper Place

Watch the joint pop back into place.

“Relocating Shoulder.”
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Baby Animals Share A Baby Pen

Innocence in nature.  A fawn, some kittens, a skunk and raccoon enjoy the moment.

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