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Baby Goat Bleats

Teeny, tiny baby goat exercising his vocal cords.

The sound a baby goat makes is called a bleat.  National Geographic.

Goats bleat, which often sounds like a crying human child or can sound like a screaming human. Goats most commonly bleat to communicate between mother and kids, but they also bleat when distressed, when communicating with other goats, when hungry and for many other reasons.

Baby goat making the cutest noise

February 13, 2018



Hippopotamus Releases Without A Care In The World

Families watch as hippo farts and poops during leisurely walk out of the water.

World’s Biggest Fart – The Hippo

December 25, 2011

Learn How To Milk A Cow

A good homesteading lesson.

A milking, squeezing action.  No tugging.  No pulling.

How to Milk a Cow By Hand (or goat)

November 16, 2014

Rescued Donkey And Dog Hang Out Together

Donkey and dog enjoy each other’s company at Lilly and Yoda’s Funny Farm.

Much, much more at the wonderful animal sanctuary Pair A Dice Ranch.

Yoda is a dog.  Lilly is a donkey.  And here is the story of Lily and Yoda.

“Odd couple.”
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Kids Splash Off The Slide

Father’s who set their kids up for a fail.

“Watch out for muddy puddles.”
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Dog Laments Missing Dog Pal

Animals grieve a loss too.

My dog died almost a year ago and he seen the picture of her and recognized her.  He misses his sister just as much as we miss her.

“Missed friends. ”
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Slow Go Road Rage Averted


“Road Rage.
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