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Happy Father’s Day 2018

Looney Tunes 1951.

The film begins with the bear family sleeping peacefully at home, when suddenly, the alarms of dozens of alarm clocks located on the Junyer Bear’s table begin to sound, causing Pa Bear wakes up completely altered and run to try to turn them off. Junyer excited wakes up and exclaims: – “Oh, boy! At last the great day has come at last! Oh, boy!” -. Henry (Pa Bear) asks how to stop the alarms, to what his child responds making a sign to them for they shut up and they obey. Dad gets angry and stars a clock in the face of his son. Mom replies: – “But, Henry …” -; Henry shouts: – “Well! What do you Want!?” -; To what Mom says, “It’s Father’s Day, Dear.”

Then mom and baby bear make several activities to please Dad on his day, but getting only cause discomfort and misery, ending with a theatrical presentation in which there are three numbers, of which the latter has a song called Let’s Give A Cheer For father. This number ends with the mother and baby Bear dressed as parents of the American homeland (George Washington and Abraham Lincolnrespectively), who have dressed Henry as the Statue of Liberty and end up shooting fireworks, as an allegory of July 4th

A Bear for Punishment – Father’s Day

March 11, 2012