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Playing Catch Across A Fence

Simple joy.

“Boys Play Catch With Neighbors Dog Over Fence.”
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Dental Knuckles

Simulate animal bites when landing a strike with this fine accessory for your hands.

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Liquor Store Parking Lot Woes

Drunken poles thwart enthusiastic vehicles.

“the parking in front of the liquor store … 2.”
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Sin And The Credit Card

Life hereafter on today’s credit.

“sin.  Sin is like a credit card.  Enjoy now, pay later.”
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Kentucky Billboard Advertises Eggs For Sale

Butt nuggets for sale.

“butt nuggets.  Butt nuggets for sale.  Fresh.  $2 dz.  $2.50/18.  Kentucky Billboards.”
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Sheep Attack Human On Road

Harsh!  Intense head strike on pavement.  Brutal attack  by sheep on someone who appears to have donned a costume with their face painted white and dressed in black, carrying an umbrella.  Maybe sheep don’t care for fright.

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Sleeping Off The Milk Bottle

Milk does a body good.  So does sleeping for a baby.

“They start younger every year…  My son was driving his car around the house drinking, I found him like this…”
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