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Cat Throws Itself In Front Of Oncoming Traffic

Attention seeker.

“The nerve of some cats!.  Obvious attempt at insurance fraud caught on camera.”
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Dog Hitches A Ride At The Swing Set

Weeeeeeeee!  Just sharing the joy of a ride on the swings with a friendly human.

“Come swing with me.”
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Cat Enjoys Company Of Ducklings


“I am Karl, king of ducks.
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Treasure Hunt In A Tire

Nails are not the only objects that like to find themselves in tires.  Always check the tire for that trusty, shiny wrench missing from the tool box.

“Found it.”
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Spot The Injury On MRI

There is a reason why seat belt use is important.  Don’t let this devastating injury happen to anyone.  Ever.

Hint: Look at the arrow.

• 18 y/o girl
• High-energy MVC, not wearing seat belt, thrown from car
• Severe back pain, with complete #paraplegia & anesthesia of lower extremities
• Stable vital signs, no palpable deformity

“Wear your seatbelt.”
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German Shepherd Shepherds Goats

Goats pay attention to the German Shepherd at work.

“German shepherd shepherding.”
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Oversize Beam Load Flips On Highway

Hitting shoulder highway barriers can be treacherous.

“This doesn’t get better…”
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