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Lamb Sisters Reunited With Mother

Family bonds.

Most watched popular heart-touching reunion of mother reunited with 2 babies -shed happy tears

March 5, 2017


Two Happy Dogs

Happiness is a chest rub.

“Its Really Awesome Dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :).”
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Dog Finds Solace When Home Alone

Missing my human.

“Home Alonely.”
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Extra Shoe Lace Hole To Keep Shoe Laces Tied

Never trip from shoe laces that come undone again.

How To Use The Extra Shoelace Hole On Sneak

November 01, 2016

Expert Coconut Husker


How to Husk a Coconut

May 05, 2016

Water Droplet In Hot Oil


β€œThe initial water droplet expands as it shifts from liquid to vapor (top). At a critical volume, the expansion occurs explosively (middle), causing the bubble to over-expand relative to the pressure of the surrounding fluid. The higher pressure of the oil around it collapses the drop, which then re-expands, creating the cycle

“Drop of water in hot oil.”
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Car Disappears In Explosion

Special effects.

“How not to torch a car.”
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