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Happy Halloween 2018

Halloween costumes of yesteryear.

“Halloween costumes from the 1930’s.”
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Hot Dogs For Halloween

Decorative fingers in a bun.

“With Halloween around the corner, some delicious ideas.”
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Hiding Under the Sheets

Invisible dog.

“Doggy thinks that we cannot see him!”
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Cat Introduces Kittens

When there things more important than food.

“Come see my babies :”)”
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Dog Greets Buddy Coming Home From School


“Dog is super excited to see his tiny human coming home!”
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Overjoyed Goose Runs To Buddy

Happiness is running to see your human!

“Goose is so happy to see his friend.”
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Dog Shark Love


“Grab your shark, it’s nap time.   Tonight’s moment of Zen is for remembering that there is somebody out there who loves you, even if you pushed them away or haven’t met them yet. So grab your cats, grab your dogs give them a hug and take a few moments for both of you. You’re a good person.”
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