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Celery Seeds And The Cat

Something in the celery seeds is really enticing.

Apparently cats love celery seed!

August 21, 2015



Cat and Dog Work Together To Overcome Obstacle

Sometimes a little help is all that is needed.

“Fighting against segragation of the species.”
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Handy Windows Shortcuts For Use On Home Or Work Computer

Make computer work easier with these shortcuts,

15 Amazing Shortcuts You Aren’t Using

February 28, 2019



Husky Takes Back His Own Spot

Papa dog moves in on his own puppy.  Shamelessly.  Poor pup!

Jealous husky competes against his own son for owner’s affection

February 28, 2019

Looking On The Bright Side Of Life As One Travels Across The Divide

Be happy.

“Mildly Interesting…  Mnty Python’s “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” is the top requested funeral song in the U.K”
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Chinese Noodles Splash

Chinese chef and dough take a beating.

“Chinese noodles.”
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Husky Forced Out Of The Tub

Husky displeased.

“What part of No do you not understand!!!”
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