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Volcano Explosion Awe

Mother Nature’s might on display.

“Hands down THE BEST volcano eruption video I’ve ever seen.”
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Sow And Piglets Taste Freedom

The joys of life in safety at Viva!  Animal Sanctuary.  Hope Apple Blossom and her piglets are happy!

PLEASE SHARE: This is incredible. Watch the sheer joy of this mother sow and her piglets experiencing the outside for the first time! Hope Apple Blossom and her six piglets were rescued from slaughter by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. Today they get to go outside and explore their forever home! For more videos and photos of their amazing journey to safety check out

FREEDOM!: Rescue sow and her six piglets explore their forever home

March 2, 2017


Symmetric Bread Landing

Asymmetric toss.  Symmetric landing.

“*touches everyone’s face*”
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Mom Bird Nestles With Eggs In Nest

Mother bird coddling her yet-to-be-born.

“Move along nothing to see here.”
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Sheep Ride

Some can mount.  Some can chase.

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.”
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Big Bird Checks Out Dog In Street

Meal seekers beware.

“Hey. M not dead.”
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Hurricane Car Wash

They said, “Save water by washing your car during a hurricane.”

Better yet, kill two birds with one stone.  Save water by washing your car and taking a bath yourself outside during a hurricane.

“Save water by washing your car during a hurricane.”
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