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Breaking Barriers From Within

A way of thinking.

“tear down the walls.  You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.”
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A Chip Of Love For All

Belgian Malinois.  Big.  Beautiful.  And a heart to match.

I have to make a hard decision on when my puppy dies….”
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“Sleepy doog.”
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“This SOB is getting all the turkey leftovers today.”
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The Outer Shell Belies True Canine Love Inside

Mama dog with her puppies gives unconditional love forever.

“Black and White Dog GIF.”
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Human Jump Rope

Limber guys demonstrate how to do it right.

“This can only end badly right?”
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Thief Gets Unexpected Justice

Girl delivers just rewards to guy who thought no harm would come to him for taking what was not his.

“I guess those women self defense classes paid off after all..”
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Cat Stairs

Climbing three stories made easy.

“My cousin’s flat is on the top floor of a three-story house. This is how her cat gets home..”
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Tumbling Kitten Rescued By Cat

Cat duty for a young one.

“Cat rescues stuck kitten.”
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