Parrot Bowls And Golfs

Parrot at ease at the lanes or on the course.

“Parrot who enjoys Bowling and Golf.”
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Flag Day 2017

Pride in the American flag transcends time.

“A living United States flag is formed by 10,000 Navy Sailors in Illinois, 1917.”
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Cardboard Box Maze For The Kids

Tunnel fun. Unless there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

“Stealthily tape the end shut after the kids crawl in… Homemade maze using cardboard boxes. Kids then use flashlights to find their way out. How come I never thought about this as a kid?”
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Blind Dog Assistance Device

Helping a dog from bumping into things.

“A blind dog was scared to walk, so its owner made this nice little device.”
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Missing Buttons Proposal

Success built on needs.

“My grandfather passed in 2005 & my grandmother just showed his jar of missing buttons to me. He gave it to her when he proposed and said “see how badly I need a wife?”
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Swinging Full Circle

Stiff swing limbs and tenacious momentum equal 360 degrees.

“NSFL watch at your own risk.”
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Scaling A Brick Wall

Giant bricks. Giant will to conquer.

“Going Up?.”
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