Cobra Smack Down

Brave man in cobra pit has little tolerance for misbehaving cobra.

“What did the five fingers say to the snake?.
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Dislocated Knee Gets Relocated


“Reset : Knee.”
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Water Droplet

Crystal clear sphere.

“A drip of water just before impact.”
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Mount Fuji Parts The Clouds

Snow-capped beauty.

“Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, cutting through the clouds.”
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Deer Plays With Ball

New toy.

“Deer can’t contain his happiness.”
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Dog And Emu With Imaginary Arms

No more caffeine for this bird.

 “2nd Place in the Emu Arms Race.”
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Family Affair On The Road

Prolific parents advertise their litter.

“Repost but funny.  OMG stay off of her!”
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