Kitty Cat Finds A New Home

Value a life.  Rescue a life.

“Rescued this little guy, found in the forest, followed us like a puppy.”
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Rooster Gives Child Chase

Kids knowya gotta run.  Just don’t trip!

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Dog Takes A Relaxing Moment

Watch the eyebrows.

“Doggo trying to be serious and failing miserably…. :P”
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Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s a pink day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Pink Panther in “Pink At First Sight” | 23 Minute Valentine’s Day Special

February 4, 2017

The Beautiful Sound Of Professional Chimes

Some great tips to get the captivating sound from professional chimes.

Tips for Playing Percussion Instruments : How to Play the Wind Chimes

Jan 19, 2008

Cat Treat Whip Cream In A Can

Cats love whip cream in a can too.

Never Feed Your Cat Whipped Cream

November 21, 2014

Dog Treat Whip Cream In A Can

They are as ready to eat it as it is ready to come out of the can.  A just reward for furry friends.

My Dog Eating Whipped Cream

January 20, 2017