Roll The Window Down

Pre-power window era.

“I’d say a few more years.  I wonder how long it will take before people no longer know why we say ‘roll the window down.'”
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Dog And Cat Get Along Just Fine

New friends.

“My neighbor found a stray cat the other day and was worried about it getting along with her dog. I would say they are doing just fine.”
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Cat And Dog Morning Affection


“Best friends say good morning to each other. ”
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Fund Raising With A Wiener Dog

Licks for a good cause.

“I’m not sure what to say….  Wiener licks $1.”
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Cow Loves Affection

Feels so good.

“Cow in pure bliss.”
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Baby Tiger Gets Past Water Woes

A friend can make it easy

“Man helps baby tiger overcome fear of water.”
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Running Into A Snag

Feline acrobat catches a girl.

“Told you a thousand times Karen, no running on the house!”
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