Dog Intervenes Between Two Cats

Troublemaker cat attacking fellow kitty gets chased away by dog.

“this dog saves the day.”
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Cat Gets Past Moat

The kingdom is just a jump away.

“water to keep him away.”
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Dog Provides Oral Hygiene To Lion

Friends help those in need.  Friends accept from those who can provide.

“Dachsund Frenches Lion.”
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Dogs Want To Play With The Water

Canine water joy.

“we love the water.”
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Kitty Gets A Drink From The Faucet

Feline thirst rules.

“i really want some water.”
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Golden Retriever Plays A Relaxing Game OF Fetch

Pals play fetch indoors.

“Too hot to play fetch outside, so how about a game of lazy fetch inside?”
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Prosthetic Eye Placement

Open wide and slide in gently.

“Putting in a prosthetic eye: For the curious.”
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