Dog Pushes Cat Off Bed

Dog seems to have a laugh at the cat’s expense.

Dog pushing a cat off the bed

March 21, 2016


Time To Visit With The Animals

The pleasure of wild life.

Escape Humanity to Hang with Animals

January 12, 2018

Rescued Turkey Enjoys Family Life

Rescue a turkey and make it part of your family.

Meet Ginger The Turkey

November 23, 2017

Cat Kisses For Dog

Cat affectionately takes care of willing dog buddy.

“Get those kisses.”
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Chicken Tops Cat Mouse Game

Chicken claims mouse while cat dawdles.

“Who knew…. Chickens are tougher than cats?”
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Dog Wants To Be Cuddled

Canine values its human.

“Just wants snuggles….”
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CD Drive Feline Surprise

Curiosity surprised the cat.

“She wasn’t ready for it.”
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