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Explosion Blast


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Close Call On The Freeway


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Kitten Saved From Roadway Traffic Peril

Always be on the lookout for stray animals on the road.  They may be alive.

Man Saves Scared Kitten From Being Killed

October 20, 2017

Dogs In Mourning Over Fellow Dogs

Love your animals. Protect them. Love them. Take care of them. Save a life and rescue whenever you can. You both will be enriched infinitely.  And others may be spared the agony of seeing their breathren pass.

Dogs Crying Over Dead Friends 🐶😭 [TNT Channel]

February 25, 2017

The Robin Hood Army In Pakistan

Taking food that would otherwise be thrown out, and feeding those who would otherwise go without food.

“The Robin Hood Army collects excess food and delivers it to those who aren’t sure where their next meal.”
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Troublemaker Gets Burned

Don’t play with fire.

“BIGBANG – ”BOOM SHAKALAKA.  Robbery fail at it’s best.”
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Wrench In A Tire

Imagine the clunking sound every time the wrench strikes the road.

“this will put a wrench in your day…”
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