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Keeping The Loyal Close

Support true loyalty.

“I constantly allow myself to get walked all over… I think more people need to understand:  Never push a loyal person to te point where they no longer give a damn.”
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Tire Blowout Can Happen When Tires Are Worn

Tips to avoid tire blowout.

3 Best Free Tire Tips – Avoid tire explosion, tire blowouts – Bud Clary Chevrolet.

December 23, 2013

Tire blow out can be extremely dangerous.

High Speed Tire Blowout [ Taiwan]

Jul 10, 2010

Cat Seeks Attention

When something else is more captivating.

“When you concentrate on something..”
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Dog Tries To Run Away From Little Girl

This little girl should not have had a leash attached to a strong dog in her hands.

Little Girl Owned By Dog FUNNY

October 23, 2010

Cat Rings Doorbell Until Door Opens

Cat seeks attention and knows ringing the doorbell will get a response.

The incredible cat that rings the doorbell

January 16, 2016

Rescued Donkey And Dog Hang Out Together

Donkey and dog enjoy each other’s company at Lilly and Yoda’s Funny Farm.

Much, much more at the wonderful animal sanctuary Pair A Dice Ranch.

Yoda is a dog.  Lilly is a donkey.  And here is the story of Lily and Yoda.

“Odd couple.”
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Slow Go Road Rage Averted


“Road Rage.
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