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Nice Begets Nice

It does not matter who you are or where you are, nice begets nice.

“In a world where you can be anything, be nice.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/tO1FkyL


Kitten Rescue With Umbrella

Feline catch.

“Kids working together to save a kitten.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/IUtmMh1.

Rabbit Takes Care Of Dog

Animals that care for one another.

“Bunny grooms his dog friend..”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/nEm7tsM.

Dog Tries To Run Away From Little Girl

This little girl should not have had a leash attached to a strong dog in her hands.

Little Girl Owned By Dog FUNNY

October 23, 2010

Kids Splash Off The Slide

Father’s who set their kids up for a fail.

“Watch out for muddy puddles.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/M2Qjgv5.

Slow Go Road Rage Averted


“Road Rage.
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/DToCnrp.

Time To Visit With The Animals

The pleasure of wild life.

Escape Humanity to Hang with Animals

January 12, 2018