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Wegmans Diaper Station Engenders Customer Loyalty

Try it.  You’ll like it.  You’ll appreciate it.  You’ll buy it.

You’ll keep coming back.

“Wegmans will always beat Walmart for treating their customers so well. Always looking out!  They’re here if you need them.  You can find Wegmans Brand Supreme Diapers and other baby items on aisle 6A.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/AtWkyaT.


Paying Respects At The Vet’s Office

How nice it would be if all veterinary offices had something similar to help the people in the waiting room understand what is happening in an exam room, so people who have lost their animal will receive compassion and support from fellow animal lovers at such a heavy time.

“A lovely and thoughtful practise…If this candle is lit, someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet.  We ask that you speak softly and with respect during this difficult time.  Thank you for your patience and kindness.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/XjpxY.

Auto Body Sales Pitch

Negotiating the revision must be a real challenge.

 “Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Hoffman Auto Body.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your dent back.”
Image courtesy of http://www.signpictures.net/pictures/Satisfaction_Guaranteed.htm.

Zippo Lights The Company Premises

A company that lights its up business, stays in busniess.

“The streetlights at the Zippo factory.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/9b4zUMa

Dial Llama Delivery

The llama business is booming.

“Need a llama? Dial a llama!”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/de1yg.

Drive Thru Enticement

Sip gently.  Or risk drinking conventionally.

“What a deal!  Drive thru.  Free straw with drink purchase.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/LyLZimV.


Nissan Frontier Plane Landing Rescue

Great commercial.  Will your next truck be a Nissan Frontier now?  Business at Nissan is sure to pick up, if enough people buy the message.

Nissan Frontier Landing Gear Commercial

October 7, 2011