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Quote Of The Day February 26, 2015

The road to success is constantly evolving.    Change is part it.

“The road to success is always under construction.”  Author Unknown.



How People Put Their Shoes On

Some things never change.  Like expecting a shoe to magically open up so you can slip right into Cinderella’s slipper.

“I Haven’t Tied These Shoes in Years.  How you Put Your Shoes On.  Untie them, put your foot in, then re-tie them.  Cram your foot in while they are still tied.”
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Double Entendre At The Pump

The hoopla over change.

Perception versus reality at the gas pump.

Change.  2007, Barack Obama to Consumer: ‘I promise change.’  Regular $3.55 Premium $3.75.   2011, Barack Obama to Consumer: ‘You’re welcome.’  Regular $4.74 Premium $5.09.” 
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Obama Coursing Downward

Trends.  More important than the moment. 

Obama Approval Index History.  Rasmussen.

Hope and change has been going downhill for a very long time. 

“Poll Damage.”
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Compromise Enters Presidential Vocabulary

Obama Signals Compromise on Taxes, Energy.  CBS.

Fresh Off Midterm “Shellacking,” President Takes Responsibility for Voter Frustration, Concedes Agenda Will Have to Change

He did not swallow hard enough on Bush tax cuts or cap and trade.  But to his benefit, he can see the writing on the wall.  Start working across the aisle like he proclaimed in  campaign speeches ad nauseum, or pay the piper at the polls. 

John Boehner, Republican likely to become House Leader, has already started laying down the ground rules. 

Boehner pledged that Republicans will use their new House majority to seek a “smaller, less costly, and more accountable government.” He said he hoped Mr. Obama would join them.

Let’s see how long that takes.

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2010 Elections Signal It Is Time For Change

Many voters are hoping the results of the mid-term elections will bring some fresh faces and positive change to America.  Looks like the hope and change promised by the victors in 2006, did not quite come to fruition with what America wanted or needed.  According to Rasmussen,  67% Say America Not Better Off Than It Was Five Years AgoOur only hope is real change.  Chicago Sun Times. 

… A politician who campaigned against cynicism in politics cynically used the nation’s economic predicament to advance liberal political causes.

The result has been a train wreck: A health-care plan that is increasing insurance costs, prompting companies to look at dropping coverage for employees, and hampering employee tax-free and health-savings accounts for medical spending. A combination of Federal Reserve moves and regulatory reform that was supposed to rein in Wall Street is putting free bank checking for the middle class on the road to extinction. A stimulus package promising to keep unemployment below 8 percent left 14 million unemployed and the jobless rate at 9.6 percent. And, by the way, housing prices are showing signs of weakness again, and economists fear that they could end up being below the already depressed levels of 2009.

Such is what the nation has reaped from Obamanomics.

That is probably in large part why 65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over.  Rasmussen.

Will the mid-term elections bring representatives into the equation that can spearhead beneficial policies for the country, and undo some of the major disasters invoked by those in office so far?  It’s time.

“Alarm clock ringing.”
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Disappointing Presidential Performance Per Obama Voters

Obama’s electoral coalition is crumbling.  LAT.

What many could foresee in the past, and many others blindly and willfully turned away from, has come to fruition.  President Barack Obama’s magic and supporting swooners are faltering.  What simply is unbelievable, is that it took this long for buyers remorse to become open. 

Some who threw their lot in with Obama expressed a sense of being let down by the man who promised change and pledged to transform the country. Some attributed that to their own lofty expectations and, perhaps, their naivete. Others pointed to what they saw as his lack of focus on the still-faltering economy.

And some suggested they were simply hoodwinked by a smooth-talking politician.

That is what happens when voters do not properly evaluate a candidate before giving their vote to him or her. 

Best admission of being led by a pied piper.

“What I’ve come to the realization is that the president was an absolutely fantastic campaigner. He was a perfect preacher-slash-minister-slash-professor,” said Peter Gallo, a concert promoter in Raleigh, N.C. “He doesn’t have the skill to legislate, to build coalitions. He does not have the skill to bring people in and say, ‘Come on and let’s get this done.’

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