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School Zone Sign Doubles As Snellen Chart

White Lake school-zone speed sign with 6 separate times irks driver.  The Oakland Press. 

Looks like the Whitelake Township in Michigan has a school zone sign that is challenging drivers to navigate the street by the school legally. 

 Image here.  It kind of looks like this here.



6:49-7:15 AM
7:52-8:22 AM
8:37-9:07 AM
2:03-2:33 PM
3:04-3:34 PM
3:59-4:29 PM

“You practically have to come to a stop to read it,” said Smith, who lives nearby.

The sign lists six different times when drivers need to slow from 45 mph to 25 mph on about a mile of Bogie Lake Road near three schools.

Imagine.  Someone actually formatted AND approved the sign.  And someone before that approved the content and listed times to place on that sign.  Obviously, they did not try driving by the sign put up as a tester, to see just how easy it is see and process.  Driving at regular speed.   

An example of good old common sense exercised.  By a school, no less.