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Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll Tuesday January 20, 2010 Collides With Obama Kennedy Perception

Others don’t always see us as we see ourselves.

January 20, 2009.  The day Barack Obama was sworn in President of the United States.  Mirrir, mirror on the wall, ….

“Perception.  Others don’t always see us as we see ourselves.”
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January 20, 2010.  One year later.  The mirror does not even come close to that delusion. 

Looking into the mirror of America’s voters however, demonstrates otherwise.  Rasmussen Presidential Approval Poll of the nations most likely voters on the way the President is doing his job.   

  •  39% Strongly Disapprove
  • 28% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve
  • Presidential Approval Index rating of -11

So the mirror is not quite reflecting back an image of JFK after all.

“Broken mirror.”
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