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Avoiding Profiling A State Department Priority Under Obama

When one hears hoofbeats, does one think of zebras?  On the many red flags overlooked in the name of avoiding any appearance of profiling of the Underwear Bomber who almost blew up the Northwest Airlines Christmas day flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Abdulmutallab and the Obama Mindset.  American Spectator.

When Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was placed on the British government’s watch list in May 2009 and banned from entering the country, the U.S. embassy in London (and by extension the U.S. State Department), as well as U.S. intelligence agencies, were notified of this move as part of information-sharing agreements entered into by a number of Western governments after the September 11, 2001 attacks, says a U.S. State Department employee on the condition of anonymity because of concern that by speaking about the situation, their job could be endangered.

“We have agreements with a number of different countries that work with us cooperatively on intelligence matters,” says the State Department employee. “A number of the treaties work through our justice departments or foreign offices or intelligence and interior or homeland security agencies. Several departments here in Washington got the information from London and it didn’t trigger anything within our own system.

This employee says that despite statements from the Obama Administration, such information was flagged and given higher priority during the Bush Administration, but that since the changeover “we are encouraged to not create the appearance that we are profiling or targeting Muslims.”

Political correctness?

“I’m just saying that a number of us were encouraged to have a different mindset about such intel and such individuals, and today, we are encouraged not to have that same mindset.”

Fascinating that some sort of political correctness became more important  than vigilantly looking out for the safety of America, after President Barack Obama came into office. If the system was working at keeping America safe under President George Bush, why were those priorities of heeding warnings discarded? 

Hat tip, Nice Deb.

“Bad cop, ‘Cream or sugar’?  Obama, ‘ Okay, now I enter and play the good cop.'”
Image courtesy of Eric Allie via http://townhall.com/cartoons/cartoonist/EricAllie/2009/12/1.