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Fat Cats Head Over To White House For Beer Summit Of Sorts

Recession Repeat Lurks Without White House Truce: Amity Shlaes.  Bloomberg.

“Fat cats” is what President Barack Obama just called bankers. He also invited them to the White House this week.

Did someone just yell out, “BEER SUMMIT?!?”

Nope.  Business in America has some deep thoughts, which have been pervasive and written about since 1939.  The current White House administration would be wise to pay heed.

Business wants autonomy and respect. In a February 1939 New York Times article, a writer, Howard C. Calkins, gave voice to the longing for White House consistency: “By ‘following through’ its apparently revised attitude toward business generally the government would be going a long way toward rebuilding the confidence of business men, in the opinion of many in Wall Street.”