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Salaries That Could Withstand Budget Cuts

Email in circulation.


Numbers may be off, but  some food for thought. 

Salary of retired US Presidents ………….$450,000 FOR LIFE

Salary of House/Senate member ……….$174,000 FOR LIFE (and there are SO many of them)

Salary of Speaker of the House ………….$223,500 FOR LIFE

Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders …….$193,400 FOR LIFE

Average salary of a soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN -$38,000

Average income for seniors on SOCIAL SECURITY -$12,000

I think we found where the cuts should be made!




American Economic Failure Sets Obama Call For Help

Obama talks to corporate titans on economy.  Brietbart.  Nothing wrong with asking for help.  Especially the likes of Warren Buffett and Ford chief Alan Mulally. 

It just should have been in 2008, right after he was elected, and before his clever learn-as ya-go debacle of economic policies and Obamacare were set into motion. 

As Failures Grow, Obama Blames Others.  IBD.

Obama can’t have it both ways. He can’t blame Republicans when they’re in power, and then keep blaming Republicans when he’s in power. At some point, he’s got to take responsibility for the jobless recovery — the first since WWII with no gain in wages and salaries in the first eight quarters after a recession’s end. He’s got to take ownership for the failure of his own ideas and leadership.

“Economic Fire.  U.S. economy on fire.  Obama: ‘Let me be clear.'”
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America Gets Slammed With National Debt Wake-Up Call

The recent stock market roller coaster ride  courtesy of the government’s behemonth inability to appropriately and efficiently control the nation’s debt, should reverberate deeply in America.  A searing fist that leaves a cheeky impression might jump-start the notion that America cannot afford to to be a deadbeat with its finances.

Falling Bank Stocks Offer a Too-Big-to-Fail Wakeup Call: View.  Bloomberg.

At a time when some pundits are declaring the too-big-to-fail problem unresolved, it behooves regulators to do what they can to prove them wrong.

“Agent Smith sculpture.”
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Freaking Out As The Dow Jones Plummets 512.76 Points

Stocks Nose-Dive Amid Global Fears.  WSJ. The Dow Jones wipes out the gains from one year.  Worst drop since December 2008. 

“It was an absolute bloodbath,” said John Richards, head of strategy at RBS Global Banking & Markets.

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There was no one single catalyst for the downdraft, traders said. Rather it reflected multiple concerns that have mounted over the past month and came to a head this week. Worries about a U.S. default, settled by a last-minute fix to lift the country’s debt limit on Tuesday, have given way to broader fears about the failing health of the domestic economy. That will lead to close scrutiny of Friday’s jobs report.

Now, now.  Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into This Market Drop.  Forbes.  A “reactionary bounce,” versus “It’s pretty hard to stop a train going 100 miles per hour”?

“Seeding the Economy.  Johnny Appleseed.  Barack Obama.  U.S. Economy.  Salt.”
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United States Debt Made Easy To Understand

A visualization of the United States debt.  WTFnoway.

Abstract concept made tangible.

Where’s your wallet, America?  The U.S. government has some explaining to do.


CBO Shows Stimulus Bill Costs $228,055 Per Job

CBO: Jobs Created and Saved By Stimulus Cost At Minimum An Average of $228,055 Each.  CNS News

Gleaned from the CBO’s very own report, Estimated Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Employment and Economic Output from October 2010 Through December 2010.

From his pen stroke to your wallet, President Barack H. Obama’s very own Stimulus Bill in easy-to-understand terms.   


Wisconsin State Is The Real Victim In This Economy

Yes, there is a reason to rein in public employee unions.  WP.

An excellent summary of the showdown in Wisconsin. 

With the 2008 financial melt down and heavy losses in the stock market, these trends all worsened. And now it is a time of reckoning. Voters, who understandably believe that they and not union bosses, control state government elected representatives who promised to reorder the relationship between government and public employee unions. Elections have consequences and so does math. Pretending that public employee unions are the victims and not a major cause of states’ fiscal problems is not going to wash.