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Honey Qualities Come From What Bees Eat

Turning food waste into something novel.

See more here.

“Bees eating waste sugar from a nearby M&M factory started producing blue honey.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/xiSRs.


Honey Benefits

Bees and their natural phenomenal production.

Tasty and never spoils.  Although it can dry out with time.

Why Doesn’t Honey Spoil? – The Chemistry of Honey.  Compound Interest.

See more great things about honey here.

“Heeeeyyy honey!!!.”
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School Bus Accident Slams Students Aside


“School bus accident from the inside.”
Image courtesy of http://gifb.in/lysV

Truck Collision On Icy Road

Flying truck contents in a flash.  Drive safely and never witness something like this personally.

“Truck crash.”
Image courtesy of http://gifb.in/F9BV.

Testing Water Fountain Electric Supply

Shock-less result.  So far.


“Shocking water fountain placement.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/nHbBM.

Fire Tornado With Fans

Cylindrical fire in slow motion.  Start at 1:22.

Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K – The Slow Mo Guys

November 22, 2015

Car Careens Over Barrier

Flying auto  = dangerous accident.

“YEEE HAWWWW.  I hope the driver was ok :P.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/ox44OAW.