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Wooden Tape Dispenser


For all the carpentry wizards, here is a handy tape dispenser you can build yourself.

Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/UWfrD84.


Get Rid Of A Mouse Nicely

Clever idea on how to humanely get rid of a mouse.

How to Catch a Rodent with a Paper Towel Roll

August 29, 2008

Cork Making

Next time you pop that bottle of wine open, recall the cork-making lesson today.

The Fascinating Process of Making Corks

Nov 10, 2007

Make A Laurel Wreath

Crown your favorite Olympian with one of these cute little wreaths.

DIY Laurel Wreath Headband

October 23, 2012

Novel Ideas To Try

Who would have known?

“Genius ideas to try…”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/BTOOaCE.

Slipknot Your Way Back Into Your Car


This skill may come in handy someday.

How to Unlock Your Car with Thin Rope or String (slipknot) – Bigstills

November 4, 2011



Aluminum Foil From Blocks To Sheets

Manufacturing aluminum foil.  Another neat lesson.

How It’s Made: Aluminium Foil

January 18, 2009

Make Your Own Home Compass


Who knew it could be so easy?

Make Your Own Compass – Sick Science! #075

January 25, 2012


Wet Suit On The Fly

If in need for a wet suit, Bear Grylls has an idea.

Bear Grylls comes across the remains of a seal carcass and fashions a wetsuit from its blubbery hide.

Man vs. Wild – Seal-Skin Wetsuit

February  7, 2011

Fashion Handkerchief Folding

A handy lesson to learn now, for those important events that require a slick presentation.  Four point pocket square.

How to Fold a Handkerchief for a Sport Coat : Men’s Fashion Tips

April 8, 2013