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Semi Truck Parks Backwards In Garage

Adept driver makes it look easy.

“FedEx truck reverse garage parking.”
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Friend Speaks Truth From The White House

On her friend Barack Obama, who went on to become POTUS.

Valerie Jarrett sometimes pointed out that not only had he never managed an operation, he’d never really had a nine-to-five job in his life.

Yes.  The rest of America can clearly see that now.

“Slo-mo bubble breaking.”
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Obama Calls Daddy For Help

Hillary was right.  NYP.  On how to run a presidency.  Rhetoric v. Hands On.

In a Nevada debate, Obama admitted that he wasn’t a particularly organized person. But that was OK because a president’s core role shouldn’t be organizational but inspirational: “It involves having a vision for where the country needs to go . . . and then being able to mobilize and inspire the American people to get behind that agenda for change.”

Pshaw, responded Hillary Clinton, the president is really a “chief executive officer” who must be “able to manage and run the bureaucracy.”

Barack Obama’s weak and inexperienced governing ability, and pointed castigation of his own supporters who are witnessing their elected one erode and then abandon their core mantra, has underscored his inability to lead the country overall.  So who do you call when things are falling apart, you can’t work with your supporters or your opponents, and you don’t know what to do?

The Phone In The White House.”

Who do you call?  Daddy.  Obamateurism of the Day.  HA.  The judgment of a young one. 

…even the temper tantrum on Tuesday doesn’t compare to the abdication last night at the White House podium.

“Mr. Clinton had been meeting privately with Mr. Obama before their appearance, in a confab requested by the current president. The reason was “self-explanatory,” Mr. Gibbs conceded, given Mr. Clinton’s experience in navigating a Republican-led Congress.”
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From Audacity to Animosity.   “No president has alienated his base the way Obama has.”  WSJ. 

It wasn’t a compromise, it was a bow. 

Bowing Obama
“Bowing Obama.”
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Bill’s Back: Clinton commands stage at White House.  AP/Yahoo. 

“Oh, I had quite a good time governing,” a smiling Clinton said. “I am happy to be here, I suppose, when the bullets that are fired are unlikely to hit me.” 

That’s right.  When the tally is counted at the very end, they will Say Loud and Say It Proud.  IOTW.  “Obama.  He’s a number two!”

“Obama.  He’s a number two!”
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Dumb Gun Move

Some people should not be playing with guns.

que tonto!

October 24, 2010

The Peasants Disagree With Doctor Obama

Dr. Obama Has Misdiagnosed Peasantry’s Ills.  Charles Krauthhammer.  IBD.

Frankly, America is frightened of the Democrat-in-Chief and his buddies, who seem to think they can impose their prescription of massive spending on a country diagnosed in deep financial trouble.  Notwithstanding, their entire leftist ideology of bestowing entitlement freely without the means to pay for it, is unsettling.

Of course, penalizing those who pay into the system with ever-increasing broader and more extensive taxes and regulations strangles the very essence of what drives and feeds this nation.  But for The One whose community organizing philosophy and work, a short political career without substantive experience realized, that preceded his meteoric rise to the presidency with a hope and change gimmick, his hubris charmed only the most naive.  Anyone else could have predicted the debacle created by those in power today. 

Here Obama has spent two years bestowing upon the peasantry the “New Foundation” of a more regulated, socially engineered and therefore more humane society, and they repay him with recalcitrance and outright opposition. Here he gave them ObamaCare, the stimulus, financial regulation and a shot at cap-and-trade — and the electorate remains not just unmoved but ungrateful.

Faced with this truly puzzling conundrum, Dr. Obama diagnoses a heretofore undiscovered psychological derangement: anxiety-induced Obama Underappreciation Syndrome, wherein an entire population is so addled by its economic anxieties as to be neurologically incapable of appreciating the “facts and science” undergirding ObamaCare and other blessings their president has bestowed upon them from on high.

Folks are smarter than Obama gives them credit.  Facts and science do not support his agenda.  They are not bendable, like his trite “bending the curve” phrase, and as plainly evidenced by the economy and unemployment today.  The long and the short of it is whether the policies and legislation positively affect the average American.  The answer is clearly no.

The story of the last two years is as simple as it is dramatic. It is the epic story of an administration with a highly ideological agenda encountering a rising resistance from the American people over the major question in dispute: the size and reach and power of government and, even more fundamentally, the nature of the American social contract.

Will he and his Democratic cronies get the hint, ever?  Will the mid-term elections send the resounding message that the treatment recommended is completely out of line?

“Dr. Obama.  Obamacare”
Image courtesy of Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times via http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/mar/11/obama-family-health-care-fracas/.


When A President Suffocates American Business

It started out with Ken Langone, one of the four partners who created Home Depot in 1979.   Langone, the third generation grandson of immigrants,  helped build I-495, the  Long Island Expressway through New York, as a construction worker.  Years later, he rose to become the director of the New York Stock Exchange.  His experience in construction, the desire to bring quality do-it-yourself materials to the public affordably with his partners, saw Home Depot sprout up across America.  

Despite the challenges that face business start-ups, Home Depot flourished.  Nowadays, Langone believes the burgeoning regulatory environment and policies raining down on business directly out of Washington D.C., are choking the entrepreneurial spirit.  The one that sustains America.  He addressed his concerns to President Barack Obama, after his response to him at a recent town hall meeting.   

Stop Bashing Business, Mr. President.  WSJ. 

For more than two years the country has listened to your sharp rhetoric about how American businesses are short-changing workers, fleecing customers, cheating borrowers, and generally “driving the economy into a ditch,” to borrow your oft-repeated phrase.

My question to you was why, during a time when investment and dynamism are so critical to our country, was it necessary to vilify the very people who deliver that growth? Instead of offering a straight answer, you informed me that I was part of a “reckless” group that had made “bad decisions” and now required your guidance, if only I’d stop “resisting” it.

Your insistence that your policies are necessary and beneficial to business is utterly at odds with what you and your administration are saying elsewhere.

That short-sighted wavering—between condescending encouragement one day and hostile disparagement the next—creates uncertainty that, as any investor could tell you, causes economic paralysis. That’s because no one can tell what to expect next.

Indeed, businesses flourish when steady and supportive business policy flows from the government.  For any type of work to thrive, a complementary environment is requisite.  Businesses already must adhere to a host of rules and regulations and pay taxes in various forms, to remain law-abiding and in compliance.  But they must also be profitable to sustain employees and improve and expand the business.  Dedication to the goal of making a business successful is fundamental.  Experience can accelerate and expand the peaks, and lessen the troughs in any line of work, by minimizing poor and costly decisions to the organization.  Thus, experience is a critical factor in a successful business.   

Let’s go back to assess that executive experience that Obama proclaimed while campaigning in 2008.  The experience he believed was sufficient for leader of America.  In fact, his expereince was that of community organizer for the likes of ACORN.  Fresh out of law school, Bill Ayers, the self-admitted terrorist of the Weathermen Underground that was responsible for bombings of federal buildings like the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, and others, hired Obama for his brainchild of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  Recall, CAC was a public school reform project of the late 1990’s designed to improve educational achievement.  Obama was in charge of the grant process to make sure the goal was met?  So did public school students improve achievement?  Did Obama at the helm of  a near $100 million granting project, take money and translate it into tangible education improvement?

Obama’s Challenge.  NRO. 

The Chicago Annenberg Challenge stands as Barack Obama’s most important executive experience to date. By its own account, CAC was a largely a failure. And a series of critical evaluations point to reasons for that failure, including a poor strategy, to which the foundation over-committed in 1995, and over-reliance on community organizers with insufficient education expertise. The failure of CAC thus raises entirely legitimate questions, both about Obama’s competence, his alliances with radical community organizers, and about Ayers’s continuing influence over CAC and its board, headed by Obama. Above all, by continuing to fund Ayers’s personal projects, and those of his political-educational allies, Obama was lending moral and material support to Ayers’s profoundly radical efforts.

Do not forget Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools.  WSJ.  He did cut his teeth working with ACORN after graduation from law school.  Recall, instead of seeking legal work on Wall Street like many of his Harvard Law School graduates, he instead chose to pursue community organizing in Chicago.  Business acumen likely benefits those who choose the business avenue, which can translate into effective real world results, particularly in the high stakes Wall Street environs.  Obama wove himself into the fabric of community organizing such as ACORN, where it is easier to hide and camouflage performance amongst many, without the overhanging responsibility of delivering results.    

Mr. Obama once conducted “leadership training” seminars with Acorn, and Acorn members also served as volunteers in Mr. Obama’s early campaigns. External partners like the South Shore African Village Collaborative and the Dual Language Exchange focused more on political consciousness, Afrocentricity and bilingualism than traditional education. CAC’s in-house evaluators comprehensively studied the effects of its grants on the test scores of Chicago public-school students. They found no evidence of educational improvement.

$100 million of someone else’s money is a a substantial amount to be investing without demonstrating tangible results.  A businessman with investors must demonstate positive results to people who have put their own cash on the line.  But the disconnect  between understanding basic economics and responsible stewardship of other folks’ cash is crystal clear. 

Linda Chavez: Obama has no clue about entrepreneurship.  WE. 

The “shovel-ready” comments were all salesmanship and no substance.

The president’s problem is that he has neither experience in, nor understanding of, the private economy. He has worked exclusively in the nonprofit and government sector.

When entrepreneurs fail, they’ve lost their own money and that of investors who have freely chosen to take the risk.

Government programs, however, play with other people’s money — since government has no money of its own. When government programs fail, the consequences aren’t born by the people making the decisions but by the taxpayers.

When you have your own skin in the game, there is a vested interest in delivering high-yeilding performance.  When it is someone else’s money, it is very easy to throw caution to the wind. 


An Inside View On The Man Who Favors Campaigning

White House Insider on Obama: “the President is Losing It.”  Newsflavor.

An interview with a former insider in the Obama White House, on yours truly, President Barack Obama.  The insider remains anonymous, but if the revelations are true, then there certainly is a quite a bit to digest.  The entire post is well worth reading, even though much if not all, has already been gleaned along the way over the last few years, about the man who favors campaigning.

But would another four years of an Obama presidency be the best thing for America? (Long pause) Now that is a much more interesting question right there, and a question I think more and more Democrat Party insiders are asking themselves these days, myself included. I am going to come right out and say it – No. Obama is not up to the job of being president. He simply doesn’t seem to care about the work involved. You want to know what? Obama is lazy. He really is. And it is getting worse and worse. Would another four years of Obama be the best thing for America? No it would not. What this country needs is a president who is focused on the job more than on themselves. Obama is not that individual. I actually hope he doesn’t run again. Looking back, as much fun as the campaign in 2008 was, Hillary Clinton should have been the nominee. Hillary was ready to be president. Obama was not ready. He had never lost a campaign. Everything was handed to him. He doesn’t really understand the idea of work – real, hard, get your heart and soul into it work. And frankly, that is very disappointing to a whole lot of us…

More here.  Now if the insider were only unmasked, it might lend some legitimacy to the interview.  As such, the responses are interesting and appear to repeat what has been oft heard in conversations across America already.