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Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

“Happy Thanksgiving.  Anyone we know??”
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Bike Riding Not All Cracked Up To Be

Kiddie seat in the back affords best affront to senses.

“Parenting done right!.”
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Finding Another Way To Get In The Drawer

Clever way of bypassing the locked drawer.

“Friend posted this (full in comments): “I’ll never forget the time that my mom installed this lock in one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid…”
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Depilatory Completes The Pedicure

Pedicure by niece quite passable.  Even for hobbits.

“Niece turned 3 years old today. She decided to try her finger nail polish on me.
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Disobedient Lion Cub

Recalcitrant child gets a lesson.

“Lion mother drags cub.”
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Quilt Keeps Memories Alive

Quilt keeps memories fresh.

“My mother died suddenly almost 2 years ago at age 56. My step-dad had her clothes made into a quilt, which I bring out every Mother’s Day to remind me life is short and love is big.
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Pumpkin Braces

Orthodontist-embedded metal.

“My son claimed my pumpkin had crooked teeth. Garage Dentistry.”
Image courtesy of www.http://imgur.com/W4c9FnA.