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Depicting The Afghanistan Quagmire

Editorial: Obama’s Afghanistan options: no easy outs.  Orange County Register.  In a nutshell, as Gary Varvel also noted, no good answer to the Afghanistan conundrum.

Democrats are opposed to expanding troops and potential lives lost in Afghanistan, whereas Republicans are opposed to withdrawing and losing any gains in countering jihadist forces, thus giving Al-Qaeda and the Taliban a moral and tactical victory.  Lose the political base, or lose the war? 

He pegged himself.  Barack Obama, August 2009: Afghanistan “Is A War of Necessity”.

“Decisions, decisions.  Political Quagmire.”
Image courtesy of Gary Varvel via http://blogs.indystar.com/varvelblog/index.html.

It may be that the new age fraudulent art hanging in the White House of these days, probably does not include the following.  The screaming figure may just strike a little too close to home.  Just as well, the cartoon is a parody on the famous work of a Norwegian artistnot pilfered.  

But the enigma of the course in Afghanistan is real. 

“Weyant’s World: October 9, 2009.  This one’s called Afghanistan.”
Image courtesy of Chris Weyant via http://thehill.com/opinion/weyants-world/62369-weyants-world-october-9-2009.