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GOP May Be Able To Fracture Democrat Senate

Republicans May Yet Have Upper Hand in Senate.  WSJ. 

More important, among those 23 Democrats who face voters in 2012 are a handful of incumbents from the kind of moderate to conservative states where Democrats took a beating last week: Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Jon Tester of Montana, Jim Webb of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Joe Manchin, who just won a Senate race in West Virginia by separating himself from President Barack Obama and his party’s congressional leaders, also faces voters again in two years because he was elected only to fill out an unexpired term.

A great opportunity to work across the aisle.  Let’s see if it comes to fruition.



Easy To Understand Midterm Elections Result

For anyone unable to process the magnitude of the midterm elections results.  A little something to simplify. 


October 13, 2010

Obama Fails To Grasp Voters Rejected His Policies

He still doesn’t get it.  A.B. Stoddard at The Hill noticed too.  In denial .

President Obama is still in denial.

All Obama has to say is “I get it.” But he hasn’t, and maybe he can’t. 

Obama On ’60 Minutes’: ‘Leadership Isn’t Just Legislation’.  WCBS NY.

I think that, over the course of two years we were so busy and so focused on getting a bunch of stuff done that, we stopped paying attention to the fact that leadership isn’t just legislation. That it’s a matter of persuading people. And giving them confidence and bringing them together. And setting a tone,”

“…getting a bunch of stuff done…” is quite reflective on his legislative priorities.

“…we stopped paying attention…” says a lot about how out of touch he and his supporters are in the grand scheme of America.  They have never been in touch actually. 

“…a matter of persuading people” says America must be out of it’s mind if it cannot appreciate the magnificence of the Democratic agenda, and what Obama wishes to bequeath upon the masses.  Persuasion comes easily to those who have a just and right product, but not so much for those who are peddling toxicity.  The historical grandeur of the end product of Chicago thuggery is just too rich for all the simpletons of America.

“And giving them confidence and bringing them together.”  As if the American people are clueless about their reasoning, comprehension, and judgment on legislation and policies that directly affect them.  Quite an affront on citizen intelligence and reasoning.

Chutzpah!  This fellow demonstrates quite the epitome of arrogance and spin.  Refusing to acknowledge that America knows the Democratic policies and agenda are poisonous and disastrous to the average citizen, and then claiming the people are the problem, only continues to portray him and his legislative accomplices as removed and above the fray of the swell.  

Newsflash!  Voters have sent a message loud and clear.  A vote for the Republicans was a vote AGAINST the Democrats, their policies, agenda, and plans.  Spinning it any other way only serves to further inflame rationale Americans that will serve only to further erode any stand Democrats have in the future. 

“Clueless is no excuse.”
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Six Ways To Slow Down Obamacare Implementation

Putting the Brakes on ObamaCare.  WSJ. 

Setting the stage using common sense may help thwart the damaging onslaught of the completely partisan heath care reform law passed by the Democrats.  That is to say, if there are sufficient Republicans elected in November 2010 to change the majority party in Congressional seats.  Six ways to stem the hemorrhage and turn the tide in the patient’s favor.  At least until 2012 when the presidency is up for grabs, and the threat of partisan veto hopefully no longer an issue.  Worthwhile points to work on for now. 

  1. Defund it.
  2. Dismantle it.
  3. Delay it.
  4. Disapprove regulations.
  5. Direct oversight and investigation.
  6. Delegate to the states. 

The impetus.

The real wallop of ObamaCare will come in 2014, when most of the spending begins and businesses and individuals are hit with intrusive and expensive mandates. The main job of Republicans, should they capture Congress, will be to slow down implementation of the law and explain to the American people the damage it will do—and already is doing—to our economy. If the White House changes hands in 2012, they can be ready to start with a clean slate and begin a step-by-step approach to sensible reform.

“Stop and do the right thing.”
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GOP Cuts Back Almost 50% On Earmarks

GOP cuts pork from spending diet plan.  Washington Examiner.

Wow!  At least some folks in Congress are keeping their word on scaling back that massive spending of taxpayer dollars for home district pet projects that they promised.

The first spending bill to begin moving through Congress since House Republicans pledged to forgo earmarks shows the vow is working: The bill contains nearly 50 percent less in pork-barrel spending than last year’s version.

Now if only, it could stay that way.


Polls Will Swell With Voter Backlash On Health Care Bill

Revenge at the Polls.   Republicans Look to Voters for ‘Final Say’ on Health Care Reform.  Fox.

Ya think?

Mob Ahead!
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Democrats Ready For Election 2010 Fall Out Over Health Care

White House Challenges Republicans to Use Health Care for 2010 Election.  Fox.

“We’re happy to have the 2010 elections be about the achievement of health care reform. That’s a debate I think we’re obviously comfortable having,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Make my day,” added senior White House adviser David Axelrod.

Funny they see things through rose colored glasses.  In reality, the GOP doesn’ t have to do much except watch as the Democrats self annihilate.

“Democrats.  Healthcare.  Obama Akbar!”
Image courtesy of Michael Ramirez March 12, 2010 via http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/PhotoPopup.aspx?id=527292.

Why Health Bill Makes No Sense.  IBD.

  1. The people don’t want it!
  2. Doctors don’t want it!
  3. Half the Congress doesn’t want it!
  4. People are happy with the health care they’ve got!
  5. It doesn’t even cover the people they set out to cover!
  6. Costs will go up, not down!
  7. Real cost controls are nowhere to be found!
  8. Insurance premiums will rise, not fall!
  9. Medicare is already bankrupting us!
  10. There aren’t enough doctors now!
  11. The doctor-patient relationship will be wrecked!
  12. Medical care will also deteriorate!
  13. Rationing of care is inevitable!
  14. Private health insurers will be destroyed!
  15. It’s probably unconstitutional!

When ego is at the forefront, then common sense is thrown by the way side.  Will the Democrats come to their senses before it is too late?