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Glock Test Shots

The universal call of pistol shots a a kid. Pew, pew, pew!

“pew pew factory. How glocks guns are tested in the factory.”
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Restaurant Internal Security

Robbers beware.

“Found above cash register at BBQ joint in Texas.  We don;t call 911.”
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Big Gun Will Travel

Now that’s open carry!

“Goin skeet shootin.  Open carry in Texas.”
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Cat Coaches Trigger Finger

Kitty encourages faster and more precise action.

“I Helpz U Wit Dat .”
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A perfect way to hide your glock in a dish of guacamole.

“When your mexican but you from Chicago” by DiggaTrilla in BlackPeopleTwitter”
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Bullet Pops Open Champagne

An interesting way of pooping open a bottle of bubbly.

“How to uncork champagne with a .50 caliber rifle.”
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Sizing Up The Guns

Gee.  So many choices.

“That’s All They Really Want.  Girls just wanna have guns!”
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