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Self Hair Cut Hazards

Cutting your hair can have unintended consequences.

“Who needs a professional, I can do this myself.”.
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Curiosity Can Lead To Injury

Trash bins can be health hazards.

“Modern instant nose job vending machines are making plastic surgeons obsolete.”
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The Making Of A Prosthetic Eye

The highly skilled and artistic flair of those who make prosthetic eyes for those in need on display.

Mosaic Science. Facial discrimination.

A small, highly skilled team at Moorfields Eye Hospital transform the lives of people who have lost their eyes to accidents and disease. Each year, they work with their clients to create around 1,400 customised, detailed prosthetics, many of which replace eyes.

Modern prosthetic eyes are far removed from the old misconceptions about ‘glass eyes’, combining modern materials, craftsmanship and artistry in an entirely unique way. In this film, ocularist David Carpenter talks us through the entire process of how a single prosthetic eye is made.

Produced, filmed and edited by @barryjamesgibb for Mosaic To read the feature article that goes with this film, visit http://mosaicscience.com/story/faces

How to make a prosthetic eye

June 23, 2015


Dog Tries To Conquer Exercising Human

Doing push-ups while the dog wants to jump on.

“Doing pushups when her dogs wants to play.”
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Sun Weathers Face Over The Years

Chronic sun exposure damage.

“Sun damage after 28 years of driving a delivery truck.”
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Ear Wax Excavation

Pulling out a what looks like a tube of wax from an ear canal.

Ear Wax removal
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Motorcycle Spark Plug Repairman

Beware the helpers.

 “How to check the ignition spark.”
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