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Anesthesia Still Wearing Off As Cats Seek Meal

Finally made it to the bowl!

“A couple of cats coming off anesthesia for cat day AKA me coming home drunk and hungry.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/TE3dgBs.


Kitten Kneads Sick Dog Friend In Need

Illness breeds friendship and compassion in this cat and dog.

“Comforting her friend.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/taozzJi.”

Easy Way To Extract Calcium From Egg Shells


How to extract calcium from eggshells

March 15, 2019

Prosthetic Eye Placement

Open wide and slide in gently.

“Putting in a prosthetic eye: For the curious.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/R5JTRNm.

Pulsations Through Broken Blisters On Fingers

The red hue changes as the pulse goes on.

“Pulse in Blisters. When tight, you can see the pulse through the translucent skin.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/IW4Zozz.

Some Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

Make it ice cold on a hot day or toasty warm on a cold day.

Drink A Glass Of Hibiscus Tea For 7 Days, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

December 11, 2018

Compliant Dog At The Veterinarian’s Office

Beautiful, well-behaved, and trained well, this dog knows how to make a visit to the vet’s office easier on all.

“The best boy in the whole world.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/2eSgU .