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Senate Ready To Giveaway DREAM Act Off Hard Working America

DREAM Act scorecard: The GOP Senate fence-sitters; Update: LeMieux and Hutchison off the fence. MM.

What is the DREAM Act?  A chance to assuage kids who were brought to this country as illegal aliens?  An appeasement to illegal immigration proponents?  How about a chance to open the floodgates to America as a safe harbor?

Conservatives take issue with opening doors to America once again to illegal immigrants.  It was done before, and now some 25 years later, they are clamoring for a repeat.  The DREAM Act is much more than what is being touted by supporters.

Read the full memo with examples from Sen. Jeff Sessions of the significant problems with the DREAM Act here. Another travesty on the hard-working immigrants who have come to America the legal way, and the American tax payers who will pay.

  1. The DREAM Act Is NOT Limited to Children, And It Will Be Funded On the Backs Of Hard Working, Law-Abiding Americans
  2. The DREAM Act PROVIDES SAFE HARBOR FOR ANY ALIEN, Including Criminals, From Being Removed or Deported If They Simply Submit An Application
  3. Certain Criminal Aliens Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DREAM Act
  4. Estimates Suggest That At Least 2.1 Million Illegal Aliens Will Be Eligible For the DREAM Act Amnesty. In Reality, We Have No Idea How Many Illegal Aliens Will Apply
  5. Illegal Aliens Will Get In-State Tuition Benefits
  6. The DREAM Act Does Not Require That An Illegal Alien Finish Any Type of Degree (Vocational, Two-Year, or Bachelor’s Degree) As A Condition of Amnesty
  7. The DREAM Act does not require that an illegal alien serve in the military as a condition for amnesty, and There is ALREADY A Legal Process In Place For Illegal Aliens to Obtain U.S. Citizenship Through Military Service
  8. Despite Their Current Illegal Status, DREAM Act Aliens Will Be Given All The Rights That Legal Immigrants Receive—Including The Legal Right To Sponsor Their Parents and Extended Family Members For Immigration
  9. Current Illegal Aliens Will Get Federal Student Loans, Federal Work Study Programs, and Other Forms of Federal Financial Aid
  10. DHS Is Prohibited From Using the Information Provided By Illegal Aliens Whose DREAM Act Amnesty Applications Are Denied To Initiate Their Removal Proceedings or Investigate or Prosecute Fraud in the Application Process

Read the rest of the memo and learn how the DREAM Act is nothing short of a giveaway and subsequent sanctuary to those who have not followed the path in earnest and legally, as many other hardworking and law-abiding immigrants have done historically.

Bill Summary & Status 111th Congress (2009 – 2010) S.729. Library of Congress.

Text of Legislation Library of Congress.  Library of Congress.

Even the liberal Newsweek is tossing its two cents into the hypocrisy of the DREAM Act. Obama’s Last-Ditch Push for Immigration Amnesty.

In the post-election “lame duck” session of Congress, Obama and the Democrats will focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. … Oh, wait, no. They’ll focus on passing a big amnesty for illegal immigrants, in order to reward their Latino “base”–which was only 8 percent of the national vote but supposedly cares with something approaching monomania about amnesty (despite evidence that Hispanic American opinion is shifting against illegal immigrantion). … When did the Democrats’ African-American base–11 percent of the vote–get that kind of service? …



Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Plan To Invade Arizona Vekol Valley

Mexican assassins headed to Arizona.  WT.

Looks like the Vekol Valley may now become home to Mexican nationals illegally in the United States, carrying weapons with the intention of using them to kill anyone who attempts to steal their faux drug load. 

The Vekol Vally is an area outside of Phoenix, Arizona, running from the Mexican border north to Phoenix, across Interstate 9, between Casa Grande and Gila Bend.   It is a major drug smuggling thruway into the U.S., and smugglers don’t like having their loads stolen.  Instead of staying in their own country, 15 have apparently plan to migrate into the valley to pose with burlap-covered boxes, to smoke out bandits who prize their wares, in order to execute them.   

“They have radios, they have optics, they have night-vision goggles as good as anything law enforcement has,” he said. “This is going on here in Arizona. This is 70 to 80 miles from the border — 30 miles from the fifth-largest city in the United States.”

The sheriff said he had asked the Obama administration for 3,000 National Guard soldiers to patrol the border, but instead got 15 signs. He also has confirmed that he got the Homeland Security memo warning of the assassins.

How supportive of the federal government to help out the state of Arizona in protecting itself.

Memo warned of drug cartels targeting rivals with assassins.  AZCentral.  Paul Babeu, Sheriff Pinal County, Arizona.

Babeu, who has been seeking money for counter-smuggling operations, said the intelligence memo proves that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano “knows exactly what the citizens of Arizona are faced with, yet she continues to publicly state how much safer we all are.”

“I once again ask her to please put politics aside and secure the border or give us the resources,” Babeu said.

The crickets are still chirping.

DHS Memo: Drug Cartels Plot To Send Assassins To AZ.  KPHO.  CBS 5 Phoenix. With video.

“This is no longer a law enforcement matter. This is literally a national security threat to our country,” Babeu said.

“These drug cartels are working in tandem to now bring this violence here to America. And this is alarming because to this point, we haven’t seen this, a coordinated response from drug cartels who nearly have toppled the Mexican government,” he said.

Babeu did not give details, but said he has received several similar memos from federal law enforcement agencies about Mexican cartel activity taking place within Arizona’s borders.

“All of these things are proof and evidence that we need help here,” Babeu said. “That it’s not just local law enforcement that needs to fight this. That we do need armed soldiers to the border to stop this. This threat is real.”

How long before the federal government steps up enforcement of immigration and cleans out the criminals from outside America that are hiding in the U.S.,?   


Democrats Go After GOP Contributers Via DOJ And IRS

Shutting Up Business.  WSJ.

Is there anything else to demonstrate the integrity of a person?  Now now.  Look at President Barack Obama.  Happily cheering on the IRS to go after 501(c)’s because they might be accepting foreign campaign donations.  Allowing foreigners to influence American elections.  Forgetting how he did the very same thing in 2008.

That didn’t stop President Obama from raising the issue in a Maryland speech last week, saying that “groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections.” Within hours of the ThinkProgress report, the bully boys at MoveOn.org asked the Department of Justice to launch a criminal investigation of the Chamber. In a letter to the Federal Election Commission, Minnesota Senator Al Franken expressed his profound concern that “foreign corporations are indirectly spending significant sums to influence American elections through third-party groups.” From the man who stole his Senate election in a dubious recount, this is rich.

Their goal.

Democrats claim only to favor “disclosure” of donors, but their legal intimidation attempts are the best argument against disclosure. Liberals want the names of business donors made public so they can become targets of vilification with the goal of intimidating them into silence. A CEO or corporate board is likely to think twice about contributing to a campaign fund if the IRS or prosecutors might come calling.

Hypocrisy.  Since it is okay to go after businesses for donations too.

pardon our skepticism given the ferocity of this White House-led campaign against businesses that donate to political campaigns. Faced with electoral repudiation as the public turns against their agenda, Democrats are unleashing government power to silence their political opponents. Instead of piling on, the press corps ought to blow the whistle on this attempt to stifle political speech. This is one more liberal abuse of power that voters should consider as they head to the polls.

Let’s go back and see.

Klein: Palestinians donate $29,500 to Obama. Gazan brothers’ illegal contributions listed in government election filings (Updated 2x).  RBO.  2008.

Illegal Obama donors: Middle Eastern Arabs.  WND.  2008.

Campaign Disclosures: This Is Not The Rafah Georgia I Knew.  UW.  2008

Obama’s Foreign Donors: The media averts its eyes.  Pamela Geller.  AT.  2008.

Pamela Geller, Big Government: Foreign Contributions, Investigating Obama.  Atlas Shrugs.  2010.  With screenshot.

Foreign Contributions, Investigating Obama Pamela Geller, Breitbart’s Big Government.  2010.

Examples of foreign donations the IRS never got around to investigating.  Quite conveniently.


Sneaky Amnesty Plan For Illegal Immigrants Has Slowly Been Engaged

Obama Administration Must Enforce America’s Immigration Laws.  Or so America would expect the Executive branch of the government to adhere to the laws in place.

Sneaky amnesty for illegal immigrants?  Decide for yourself.  The Heritage Foundation has an excellent piece discussing the need for immigration enforcement, yet the real illegal immigration agenda emanating straight from the White House today.   

First, the Obama Administration fundamentally changed the contours of the Section 287(g) program that empowered state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. Though only a “revision,” the new policy placed unnecessary new financial and administrative burdens on states and localities. It further limited the ability of state and local law enforcement to check the immigration status of those arrested to individuals arrested for “serious offenses.”

Next, the Obama Administration failed to develop any coherent border security policy, even as it moved away from the gains made in the last few years of the Bush Administration. After the White House dismantled the SBInet program and ceased any new physical fence work, the void left the border as porous as ever. A move to put 1,200 National Guard troops at the border was more politics than substance, as Guard troops are severely limited in their ability to assist the Border Patrol beyond administrative and maintenance duties. While this decision may have made sense in previous years where the simple lack of Border Patrol manpower hindered its ability to secure the border, a robust recruitment program by the Bush Administration has left the Border Patrol much better staffed.

Then, the President himself sat in silence as Mexican President Felipe Caldron lectured to Americans from the Rose Garden, chastising them for their lack of interest in subsidizing the Mexican economy through remittances or absorbing its poorest citizens. Never mind that Calderon’s own failed policies have failed to create economic opportunities for his people at home, let alone stem the horrific violence now spilling over into the U.S.

Still worse, the Obama Administration abandoned worksite enforcement policies that resulted in record levels of arrests, deportations, and penalties against scofflaw employers and replaced it with a “soft” audit process that allows illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. In some cases, the Administration is releasing illegal immigrants apprehended with temporary work permits.

To the surprise of no one, the Administration then sued the state of Arizona to stop it from enforcing its own laws dealing with illegal immigrants within its jurisdiction. Regardless of whether Arizona eventually prevails (which it likely will), the lawsuit itself will certainly chill action by other states, especially during such austere times when paying large legal bills is an unattractive option.

Finally, over the last month, reports indicate that an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) memorandum blatantly advised the leadership at USCIS—and, presumably, Secretary Janet Napolitano—to simply ignore the law. According to reports, the memo advised officials not to issue “Notice to Appear” letters to those illegal immigrants who did not have another avenue to use to delay their deportation. In conjunction with that memo, it was uncovered that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun to review and dismiss cases of non-criminal illegal immigrants, which will allow those illegal immigrants to remain in America.

Sadly, we see the reality being dictated from above down to ICE.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are being told to freely let illegal immigrants into the United States, as long as they have no criminal cases pending. 

New Immigration Policy to Halt Some Illegal Immigrant Deportations.  Fox.  A memo was released August 20, 2010 directing the ICE agents to dismiss deportation proceedings against illegals who are married or have a U.S. citizen or legal resident who has filed a petition on their behalf.  No criminal, serious, or adverse issues though. 

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, likened the change to a “free pass” for illegal immigrants, a characterization federal authorities denied.

A Department of Homeland Security official told Fox News that the new policy was designed in July 2009 to improve docket efficiency.

The Feds will certainly be able to clear their dockets now.  Instead of doing their job, backlog and all, they would rather just let them in.  Then it makes them look like they are working doing something.

Indeed.  Something illegal in and of itself.  Violating federal laws already in place by ignoring them.  Laws that apply to everyone.  The Executive branch of the U.S. government included. 


Arizona Legal Brief On SB 1070 Filed With Appeals Court

Brewer files brief appealing SB 1070 ruling.  Arizona Central.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona is stepping up to the plate again.  A legal brief has been filed to uplift the portions of Arizona SB 1070 that Judge Susan Bolton placed on hold. 

The four critical parts suspended by the Fed’s injunction.

  1. Requiring an officer make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested if there’s reasonable suspicion they’re in the country illegally; requiring the immigration status of any person arrested to be determined before the person can be released.
  2. Creating a crime of failure to apply for or carry “alien-registration papers.”
  3. Allowing for a warrantless arrest of a person where there is probable cause to believe they have committed a public offense that makes them removable from the U.S.
  4. Making it a crime for illegal immigrants to solicit, apply for or perform work.

The rationale.

Brewer’s argument to the appeals court is that Bolton “abused her discretion,” used the wrong legal standard to make her decision and based that decision on plaintiffs’ claims of hypothetical and speculative harm instead of real harm that would occur if SB 1070 were enacted.

Arizona Hits Back at Immigration Ruling.  Fox. 

“The decision to suspend portions of SB 1070 has caused irreparable harm to the safety and well-being of Arizona’s citizens who continue to suffer every day that the federal government refuses to do its job,” Brewer said in a written statement.

Let’s hope a state’s right to enact a law to protect itself can go ahead unimpeded.  Particularly when the law enacted runs parallel to federal law in place already.  Interestingly, if the federal goverment would do its job, then there would be no need for the state of Arizona be standing up for its rights like this now. 

Arizona SB1070 as amended by HB2162 PDF. 


Obama Back Door Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants In Full Swing

Feds moving to dismiss some deportation cases.  Houston Chronicle. 

Interesting, since today it appears as a contradiction to the earlier report in July 2010, US government increasing enforcement of immigration laws: report at Jurist.  The Obama administration portrays enforcement at one moment, yet actively starts practicing dismissal of illegal immigration cases just a few weeks later.  They probably thought no one was watching. 

It started with a little memo entitled Civil Immigration Enforcement: Priorities for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Aliens, by John Morton Assistant Secretary of ICE.   PDF or Docstoc.  A fancy memo no less.  One that goes on ad nauseum about which illegal immigrant cases they should pursue.   Buried in the depths at the end of the memo is the reality of how the Obama administration will achieve their goal in opening the floodgates of entry into the U.S. further.  Quietly, of course.  Wouldn’t want Americans in on this big give-a-away.   Bolded here. 

D. Prosecutorial discretion

The rapidly increasing number of criminal aliens who may come to ICE’s attention heightens the need for ICE employees to exercise sound judgment and discretion consistent with these priorities when conducting enforcement operations, making detention decisions, making decisions about release on supervision pursuant to the Alternatives to Detention Program, and litigating cases. Particular care should be given when dealing with lawful permanent residents. juveniles, and the immediate family members of U.S. citizens. Additional guidance on prosecutorial discretion is forthcoming. In the meantime, ICE officers and attorneys should continue to be guided by the November 17,2000 prosecutorial discretion memorandum from then-INS Commissioner Doris Meissner; the October 24. 2005 Memorandum from Principal Legal Advisor William Howard; and the November 7, 2007 Memorandum from then-Assistant Secretary Julie Myers.

So there you have it.  Discretion.  Do within the guidance offered. 

And forthcoming is now.  Additional guidance is evident today with the Department of Homeland Security giving the go ahead to let folks in now, who came into the U.S. illegally earlier.

Who gets to stay?  HC.

they are following general guidelines that allow for the dismissal of cases for defendants who have been in the country for two or more years and have no felony convictions.

In some instances, defendants can have one misdemeanor conviction, but it cannot involve a DWI, family violence or sexual crime

Quite evidently, the Feds are abandoning their responsibility to enforce immigration laws in place as it applies to ALL illegal immigrants. 

“They’ve made clear that they have no interest in enforcing immigration laws against people who are not convicted criminals,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for strict controls.

The reaction from attorneys hired by illegal immigrants.

The court “was terminating all of the cases that came up,” Gonzalez said. “It was absolutely fantastic.”

“We’re all calling each other saying, ‘Can you believe this?’ ” said John Nechman, another Houston immigration attorney, who had two cases dismissed.

So it appears then that rules in place that are unfavorable to a cause, warrant changing them to suit a group’s purpose.  Laws included. 

Image courtesy of http://www.animatedgif.net/welcome/welcome.shtml.


Feds Sue Arizona Over Immigration Despite Ability To Process Only 4% Illegals Caught Yearly

U.S. Sues Arizona on Immigration Bill That Tries to ‘Second Guess’ Fed.  Courthouse News Service. 

It was inevitable.  The feds just cannot fathom the very idea that they could be exposed for their gross incapability of doing the job they are sworn to uphold.  So instead of owning it, they hide behind a litany of excuses.  The reality is stark though.

Immigration and Customs Release Memo Showing Agency Only Has Resources To Remove 4% of Illegal Aliens Per Year.  CNS News. 

John Morton, assistant secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), said that enforcing civil immigration laws is vital to “our national security, public safety, and the integrity of our border and immigration controls.”

But Morton also said that ICE only has the resources to remove about 400,000 illegal aliens each year, a little less than 4 percent of the current population of those in the United States illegally

Seeing that ICE hasn’t the slightest ability to do their own jobs, it would behoove them to allow states to help.  However, the greatest irony here, is the violin-playing excuses the feds give in defense of courting illegals, and not protecting its own citizens by carrying out their own duties. 

The issue of Arizona attempting to “second-guess” federal immigration laws that have been in place for a very long time, is also a surprising notion.  Especially since the Arizona law is nothing more than what the feds already have on the books. 

Let us not forget how the feds, with the consent of President Barack Obama of course, have risen to the current occasion of managing illegal immigration.

Brewer to Obama: Warning Signs Are Not Enough

June 25, 2010

Odd the lawsuit claims the following, yet the Arizona law is merely mirrors current federal law.  It does not supercede  or enact anything new or beyond current federal law, nor attempt to regulate immigration.   

S.B. 1070 is preempted by federal law and therefore violates the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution.

In our constitutional system, the federal government has preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters.

Granted the feds have the Supremacy clause on their side, but the state is not doing anything beyond federal law.  An interesting show down looming.

  • Arizona SB1070 as amended by HB2162 PDF.  
  • Complaint (lawsuit). PDF.  The United States of America,Plaintiff,v. The State of Arizona; and Janice K. Brewer, Governor of the State of Arizona, in her Official Capacity, Defendants.