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The Try Approach

Try to solve problems via the TRYangle.

“Dad? Since when did you start working there?  The best angle from which to approach any problems is the TRYangle.”
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Snow Blocks Safe Driving

Whether the snow is stuck on the windshield or slides down off the roof, clean up before hitting the road is critical to safe driving.

“Clean you windscreen BEFORE you set off!.”
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Karma Can Come Quickly

What goes around, comes around.  Behave.

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Water And Grease Fire Are Dangerous

Seeing is believing.

“Why you should never extinguish a grease fire with water.”
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Cat Thwarts Toddler Play In Oven

Cat just trying to keep toddler safe.

“Heroic feline safety officer prevents human kitten from getting into the oven.”
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The Fork In the Path Of Answers

Which suits your pleasure?

“sad but true.  answers.  Simple but wrong.  Complex but right.”
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Traffic Control With Automatic Bollards Can Be Unforgiving

Don’t jump the red light.  Bollard can snag an oil pan, or worse.

Those columns are moved by pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic piston drive mechanisms.  A sound under the vehicle may mean the column is trying to message the driver to stop.

“I don’t know much about cars, but this can’t be good….”
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