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Bubbling Mud Fart

When the earth expels gas.

“When you think its a fart.”
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Cat Attitude Come Bearing Gifts Or Else

Some are content with attention.  Others expect more.

“There are two types of cats.”
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The Fork In the Path Of Answers

Which suits your pleasure?

“sad but true.  answers.  Simple but wrong.  Complex but right.”
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Cat Pounces On Toddler

Gentle does it.

“KO out of nowhere81.”
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Managing Dogs And Children

Tie down the wanderers.

“dogs are welcome.  Dogs welcome.   Please tie children to post outside.””
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Equine Shower

Horse head and water at will.

“good way to take a shower.”
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Cat And Dog Getting Along Just Fine And Dandy

Keeping the peace.

“Meet the face of the annoyed but lazy club.”
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