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Gasping For Clear Air At Street Side

Smoker’s cough happens everywhere.

“Street Art.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/MwGZE.

Balloon Man

A new way of achieving a chiseled look.

“The poor clown that had to fold this guy.  They said I could be anything.  So I became a balloon animal.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/fGnDWF5.

Extra Closet Space

Clothes dryer can serve more than one function.

“Too Lazy to Fold Clothes.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/mBovF.

Reality of Wedded Bliss

And with this ring, I thee ensnare…

“Commitment Leads to Issues.  A permanent commitment to a temporary delusion.”
Image courtesy of http://cheezburger.com/8493019904/demotivational-marriage-image-commitment-leads-to-issues.

Scientific Exercise Balls

Ball fusion or ball division?

“This exercise ball is going through mitosis.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/SaShsH5.

Propeller Coffee Table

Fascinating conversation piece.

“If I owned this I’d probably slice off a toe. But I wouldn’t care because It’s awesome.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/whuwSQz.

Crate Coffee Table

Repurpose wooden crates into something nice and more functional.

“Turn a few crates into a coffee table.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/VTQd7.