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Lost And Found In The Dryer

Things show up in the most unexpected places.

“Ya know, I never thought to check the dryer for the TV remote…..”
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Dryer Releases Pillow From Bondage

Alas, free packing material for your next package.

“Why my wife put her fancy, soft, pillow to wash I’ll never know.”
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Rubbernecking At The Sink

The fine art of the coif requires many more accoutrements, than the basic task of hand washing.

“Living with a woman: Day 15. I just want to wash my hands. Which one is the hand soap?”
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Clean Feather Pillow

Live and learn.  From the washing machine and those that give fair warning.

“Did you guys know you can’t wash feather pillows? Because I didn’t..”
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Abused Snooze Button Alarm Solution

Treat that chronic, overused snooze button to a rest with thumbtacks.

“Life hack for snoozers.”
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Pool Noodle Bed Duty

Keep kids safe and happy in the pool and in bed.

“Kids fall out of bed?  Fitted sheet plus 1 pool noodle
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Poop A Gum Bubble

Gum is for people.  Chew.  Enjoy.  Discard safely.  Not for animals.

“Why you don’t give dogs bubble gum (not my dog).”
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