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The Robin Hood Army In Pakistan

Taking food that would otherwise be thrown out, and feeding those who would otherwise go without food.

“The Robin Hood Army collects excess food and delivers it to those who aren’t sure where their next meal.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/tyQkaIe.


Love and A Chevrolet That Have Lasted

Enduring care, love, and attention, makes for long-lasting relationships.

“true. If you take care of things, they last.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/dy07a.

Corn Silo Home

Repurpose on a big scale.

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“Wicked use of an old corn silo.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/YXojR.


Helping Homeless Dogs By Recycling Bottles

Win-Win incentive.

“This vending machine in Istanbul dispenses dog food for homeless dogs when people put bottles in for recycling.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/rf51ELI.

Beware Falling Objects

When the earth hiccups, seek protection.

“I would have pooped in my pants.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/8XObH.

Hand Fishing

One with the fish.

“Grandpa shows you how to get it done!.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/HxReN.

Running And Tripping Into Water Performance

Attention seekers.

“Girls, look at meeeeeeee…..”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/HbUeMSZ.