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Mustang Muscles

The 1967 and 1968 Mustang Fastback version.  Vrooooooooommmm!

“true. I’ve always loved old muscle cars.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/JdO0uek.

Telephone Booth Fish Tank

Does the top come off for feeding time?

“Fishtank phone box, Japan.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/46WY4.

Shark Foot Warmers

Keep those feet warm with a loveable pair of jaws-hugging shark socks.

“Shark socks.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/QfUi7ti.

Dryer Guilty Of Sock Snatching

Lonely pairs can finally reunite.

“I found the land of missing socks!”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/zQHVBJx.

Husband Day Care

Put your husband in capable hands while you take care of business.

“Bar Advertisement Win.  Husband Day Care Center.  Saloon and Eatery.  Put your husband in capable hands.  Neeed time to relax?  Need time to yourself?  Want to go shopping?  Leave your husband with us!  We’ll look after him for you!  You only pay for his drinks! ”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/Vipq5.

Husbands And Spare Tires

Conversations over coffee can be very revealing.

“Just in Case One Stops Working.  Men are like tires… I always feel better when I have a spare.”
Image courtesy of http://cheezburger.com/7154333440.

Bartender Extra Income

Is this extra cash reportable to the IRS?

“Saw this at my local bar.  Hiding from wife.  $ Bar phone rates $  $1.00 Nope not here.  $2.00 Just missed him.  $3.00 Juast had one drink and left.   $4.00 Hasn;t been in all day.  $5.00 Never heard of him.”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/tUuNZ.