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Dog And Soldier Show Off Their Training


“Tactical dog training.”
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Flag Day 2017

Pride in the American flag transcends time.

“A living United States flag is formed by 10,000 Navy Sailors in Illinois, 1917.”
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Memorial Day 2017

Keep in mind those who have helped defend America throughout history.

“Happy Memorial Day to my Neighbours to the south…”
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“Happy Memorial Day, Imgurians.”
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Memorial Day May 29, 2017

Remembering on Memorial Day in the United States those who perished in Normandy, France, on D-Day June 06, 1944.

Thank you Nick Viggiano at Facebook for passing this along.  And also to mrchoijinboi via http://imgur.com/gallery/6820u for posting at Imgur.

“A large percentage of our country doesn’t know of, or care about Normandy. A few weekends ago, British artist Jamie, accompanied by numerous volunteers, took to the beaches of Normandy with rakes and stencils in hand to etch 9,000 silhouettes into the sand, representing fallen soldiers. Titled The Fallen 9000, the piece is meant as a stark visual reminder of those who died during the D-Day beach landings at Arromanches on June 6th, 1944 during WWII. The original team consisted of 60 volunteers, but as word spread nearly 500 additional local residents arrived to help with the temporary installation that lasted only a few hours before being washed away by the tide. 9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched into the Sand on Normandy Beach to Commemorate Peace Day. What is surprising is that nothing about this was seen here in the U.S. Someone from overseas had a friend who sent it with a note of gratitude for what the U.S. started there. Please share with others who understand freedom is not free — nor has it ever been.” – source Facebook, nick viggiano

“Artists etched 9000 bodies in Normandy.”
Images courtesy of mrchoijinboi via http://imgur.com/gallery/6820u.

Warriors Embellish Bombs With Message For Recipient

Soldiers of WWII with an Easter wish for Der Fuhrer.

so we asked Hitler how was his Easter…  and he said it was a blast!  Easter eggs for Hitler.  Happy Easter Adoph.
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Bullet Removal In The Field

Good thing this soldier did not spring a leak of cerebrospinal fluid or brain out the bullet hole.

Russian soldier has bullet removed from forehead with pair of pliers (2000)

June 19, 2013

Domino Marines In Thailand

At least these marines get back up, unlike dominos that just fall in sequence.

“Thailand marines domino at military parade.”
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