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You The Taxpayer Pays

The taxes you pay are what the government collects and gives away.

“Government Funded Free Stuff. Next time you hear something described as “government funded” remember that the government is 100% taxpayer-funded.”
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Lincoln Cap

Nothing like an artistic head covering to keep the noggin’ warm.

“Got it! Lincoln cap origami.”
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Cost Of Male Toys

Cost of toys seemingly increases faster than the rate at which boys age into men.

“Difference Between Boys And Men.  The only difference between boys and men is the cost of their toys.”
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Bartender Extra Income

Is this extra cash reportable to the IRS?

“Saw this at my local bar.  Hiding from wife.  $ Bar phone rates $  $1.00 Nope not here.  $2.00 Just missed him.  $3.00 Juast had one drink and left.   $4.00 Hasn;t been in all day.  $5.00 Never heard of him.”
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43 Per Cent Immigrants On Welfare After Two Decades

Slow path to progress for U.S. immigrants 43% on welfare after 20 years .  Washington Times.

A very sad commentary on the state of affairs for immigrants.  Legal or illegal. 

“Look, we know a lot of these folks are going to be poor, we get it. But don’t tell the public it’s all going great, which is the story line I think a lot of people want to sell,” Mr. Camarota said. “There is progress over time. Every measure shows improvement over time, but still, the situation does not look like we’d like it to look, particularly for the less-educated. They lag well behind natives even when they’ve been here for two decades, and that is very disconcerting.”


Federal law requires that the government deny immigrant visas to potential immigrants who are likely to be unable to support themselves and thereby become public charges.

If federal law was being upheld, would the rate of immigrants on welfare after so many years be so much higher than for natives?

The center found that use of public benefits varied dramatically based on where immigrants originated.

Mexicans were most likely to use means-tested benefit programs, with 57 percent, while 6 percent of those from the United Kingdom did. The rate for native-born Americans is 23 percent.

Mr. Camarota said a key dividing line is educational attainment. Immigrants who have been in the U.S. 20 years and who have bachelor’s degrees or higher make slightly more than the average native-born American. But immigrants with only high school educations make less no matter how long they have been in the U.S.

Is education the key to improving the lot of immigrants?  Who pays?

America pays either in the form of taxes to support welfare, or taxes to support education of those with insufficient education  that could mean the difference between a low or higher paying job.


McDonald’s Boosts Profits After Facelift

McDonald’s profits boosted by store revamps.  BBC. 

Spruce things up a bit, and they will come.  And spend more.   Appearances and different menu items seem to have helped McDonald’s enjoy rosier profits.   

McDonald’s profits rose 5% in the first quarter to $1.27bn, helped by a revamp of its restaurants.

Sales at US stores that have been open at least 13 months rose 8.9% in the quarter.

New look.  New menu items.  More money.  Simple concepts applied to turn a profit.   


Taxpayers Pony Up Law Enforcement Costs Of Cell Phone Surveillance

These Are The Prices AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Charge For Cellphone Wiretaps.  Forbes.

The government has to pony up to get that special information off your cell phone activity. 

Turns out, we, the people as taxpayers, foot these bills.  That is correct.  A certain section of government gets to buy up a service that the rest of us, as the government of, “We the People,” get to pay for in tax dollars.  

The standard line.  Emergency cases excluded.

…any fee charged is for recovery of cost required to support these law enforcement requests 24/7,” …

It is good to know where our taxpayer big bucks go.  Nothing like chasing after criminals the high tech way.

Wiretaps cost hundreds of dollars per target every month, generally paid at daily or monthly rates. To wiretap a customer’s phone, T-Mobile charges law enforcement a flat fee of $500 per target. Sprint’s wireless carrier Sprint Nextel requires police pay $400 per “market area” and per “technology” as well as a $10 per day fee, capped at $2,000. AT&T charges a $325 activation fee, plus $5 per day for data and $10 for audio. Verizon charges a $50 administrative fee plus $700 per month, per target.

Data requests for voicemail or text messages cost extra. AT&T demands $150 for access to a target’s voicemail, while Verizon charges $50 for access to text messages. Sprint offers the most detailed breakdown of fees for various kinds of data on a phone, asking $120 for pictures or video, $60 for email, $60 for voice mail and $30 for text messages.

All four telecom firms also offer so-called “tower dumps” that allow police to see the numbers of every user accessing a certain cell tower over a certain time at an hourly rate. AT&T charges $75 per tower per hour, with a minimum of two hours. Verizon charges between $30 and $60 per hour for each cell tower. T-Mobile demands $150 per cell tower per hour, and Sprint charges $50 per tower, seemingly without an hourly rate.

For location data, the carrier firms offer automated tools that let police track suspects in real time. Sprint charges $30 per month per target to use its L-Site program for location tracking. AT&T’s E911 tool costs $100 to activate and then $25 a day. T-Mobile charges a much pricier $100 per day.

Consider it as just another service the government contracts out to the private sector.  Putting taxpayer money back into the private sector.

That feels better, eh?